Like other industries, the tech sector is eager to attract talent, especially those with strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Every day, computer science and computer engineering jobs are opening up to individuals with these and other abilities. For students who are eager to pursue opportunities in tech, they may choose an academic path that’s focused on computing skill development through science and engineering.


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But as they choose to enroll in a specific study program, they are sometimes presented with a choice: computer engineering vs. computer science. The difference between computer science and computer engineering can be subtle. Depending on the course or study or job role, these phrases are sometimes used interchangeably. To further complicate things, there is a lot of skill overlap between these two areas.

However, the responsibilities and duties of computer engineering jobs and computer science jobs are somewhat distinct. A computer science engineer or computer scientist will be usually study computing principles as they pertain to programming languages, operating systems, algorithms, coding, and other aspects of computing.

Using these skills, they may help develop, manage, and modify integral parts of computing technology. A computer engineer also must have an understanding of programming, coding, and various aspects of computing power, but these are usually focused on how they apply to computer hardware and architecture, software development, and device management and functionality.

Computer engineering and computer science degree holders can use these skills to fill all different types of roles in the tech industry. Cybersecurity manager, IT engineer, software developer, systems administrator, and computer hardware engineer are just a few of many jobs that are open to individuals with either a computer engineering or computer science background.

How Much Does A Computer Engineer Make And What Do Computer Engineers Do?

Computer engineer jobs include IT systems manager, IT system analyst, IT support specialist, software developer and programmer, digital engineer, database and system administrator, network architect, and computer hardware engineer among others. All of these jobs are expected to increase in demand over the next 10 years. The vast majority of these jobs require a bachelor’s degree, but some, like computer support specialist, require only an associate’s degree.

Some of the most popular jobs for computer engineer degree holders are in computer and information analysis, which is expected to grow by nearly 28 percent, software development and programming, which is expected to grow in demand by over 23 percent, and IT system management, which is expected to grow in demand by about 22 percent. The average computer system engineer’s salary is roughly $50,000 on the lower end and $185,000 on the higher end.

How Much Does A Computer Scientist Make And What Can Be Done With A Computer Science Degree?

Computer scientists can apply their skills to data system analysis, artificial intelligence engineering, programing language and algorithm development, system architecture development, and other jobs that require a thorough understanding of computing principles, as well as how they are applied to various systems. Computer scientists can also enter academia as computer science educators.

Being a computer scientist and having a computer science degree are two different things. Computer science degree holders can find opportunities in the fields of cryptography, cybersecurity, network design and analysis, software and machine learning engineering, and others.

With the right practical experience, computer science degree holders can work in jobs along side computer engineers. These include fields of IT system management, software development, and digital engineering.

Outside of the tech realm, graduates with computer science skills can apply their qualifications to the financial industry as accountants, auditors, and finance managers. Annual salary ranges on the low end of computer science-related jobs average at $50,000. On the higher end, they can exceed $148,000.

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