Lots of people love the idea of a robot taking over tedious tasks and bothersome chores, at home and on the job. From vacuuming floors to taking the wheel during the commute, automation promises a lot, but an increasing number of professionals in many different industries are questioning, and even worrying, about how the growing use of robots, artificial intelligence (AI), and other automated technology will affect our new future. Just how much are American workers worried about becoming obsolete?

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Other PressIng Employment Concerns

According to recent polling completed by research and analytics company, Gallup, most American workers are not concerned that automation will negatively impact their employment prospects. Just 13 percent of workers are reported to be worried about technology eliminating their jobs. Greater employment worries included reduction of benefits, wages, and hours, and being laid off. And while a small minority of workers are worried about being rendered obsolete or redundant due to technology, an even smaller number—just nine percent—fear they may lose their job as a result of their company moving operations overseas.

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A Disruption Or An Asset?

Although most American workers are not worried about being replaced by technology, should they be? Tech leaders like Elon Musk have warned against the rapid proliferation of AI and the considerable disruption it would cause to job markets and other aspects of society. Others, however, like Alphabet executive chairman, Eric Schmidt assure that more automation will mean more employment opportunities for workers. Schmidt specifically points to a study, released at this year’s Viva Tech conference in Paris that claims 90 percent of jobs will not be threatened by complete automation, even if the more repetitive parts of a job are.


What are your thoughts on automation and the American workforce? Do you think it’s something to start worrying about or look forward to? Comment and tell us what you think.

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