What will manufacturers get out of IMTS 2016?

Chicago’s McCormick Place once again has witnessed the successful event which brought the manufacturing industry together and discussed new opportunities, ideas, and trends that would enhance business. That happened last September 8 – 13 during the 2014 IMTS Conference.

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Dubbed as the world’s largest gathering of manufacturing industry players, IMTS Trade show happens every two years at the McCormick Place in Chicago.

The IMTS Conference
IMTS stands for International Manufacturing Technology Show and this is held every two years. After this year’s show, the next event will be on September 12 – 17, 2016. This year’s event featured 1,900 exhibitors that showcased their products to more than 100,000 attendees comprised of industry players such as:

Some of the highlights of the 2014 IMTS Conference included:

Heavy-Duty Construction For The Aerospace Industry
A new CNC turning center was unveiled by Okuma at the 2014 IMTS Conference, an important machine tool for the aerospace industry. The featured machine provided “natural” part handling in a conservative footprint.

It’s nothing extraordinary if you’re just talking about machine tools and the robotics systems as you always see them on workshop floors and manufacturing facilities. But IMTS 2014 displayed some of the most intimidating arrays of robotic machinery that moved to a ballet-like choreography. It’s entertaining in a uniquely robotic way.

Any IMTS Conference is not complete without a display of drones. This year, Today’s Technology Center highlighted some advancements in their booth. But the real winner was Composite Engineering, Inc. who was able to show off three of their drones. One of the drones can reach 45,000 ft altitude and with the ability to hit Mach 1.

3D-Printed Bike Frame
Additive Manufacturing shared the spotlight with some of the other industry players. The world’s first 3D-printed bicycle frame was displayed by Renishaw and Empire Cycles. A topological optimization process was utilized and using an additive manufacturing system common to machine shop-produced objects, to make a frame that was not just strong but lighter as well. The manufacturer was able to create a frame made of titanium alloy which is 33% lighter than the original design.

Bionic Handling Assistant
Manufacturing is never out of new surprises in robotics. This year’s IMTS showed off tools that drew inspiration from the Bionic Man, one of which was called “Bionic Handling Assistant”. It is a robotic gripping arm that yields readily and got its inspiration from the elephant’s trunk. Festo, the firm behind this bionic-inspired tool combines an array of technologies and components.

3D Printing Cars
Aside from the collection of the communally-designed, build-at-home car the Rally Fighter, Local Motors presented a challenge to build an electric car using 3D printing technology right in the middle of the IMTS Conference. The winning design was printed throughout the duration of the conference allowing attendees and spectators a closer view of the capabilities and challenges of 3D printing in the manufacturing environment.

Successful 2014 IMTS Conference
The weeklong IMTS 2014 conference showcased thousands of new and current manufacturing products, latest machine types or process technologies, and capabilities. The nearly 2000 exhibitors were able to enjoy an unrivaled marketing opportunity in an environment where industry decision-makers were present.

The IMTS event never fails to deliver what manufacturing industry players expect to reap from participating in a global event like this – customers, support, contacts, networks, and business success.

As early as right after the IMTS 2014 Conference, exhibitors have signed up to secure their display slot for the manufacturing industry’s premier event in 2016.

Can you afford to miss out on the huge business opportunities in the next IMTS Conference?

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