It’s that time again. This year’s Consumer Electronics Showcase has struck the headlines and tech fans are lining up to see the coolest gadgets and innovations from some of the biggest names in the business.


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This year’s exhibits are expected to draw about 170,000 people, including journalists, investors, analysts, researchers, and other tech enthusiasts, as well as the heads of multi-billion dollar companies who will be presenting everything from software and drones, to hair-loss treatment devices and even the world’s first fitness tracker bra.

While CES is a great place to see exciting and even outlandish devices for the first time, does it really matter to most people outside of the tech sector and its followers?

If American tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft have only a minimal presence compared to smaller and international developers, why should other U.S. manufacturers pay much mind to what happens and comes out of CES 2016?

Credit: Maurizio Pesce

Will Your Industry Be Affected?
You might be quick to say that your company isn’t likely to be affected by consumer electronic trends from a production and selling standpoint. No one could fault you for not showing the least bit concern with the latest virtual gaming console or a calorie counting smart-shoe.

However, we’ve already seen how products and technology featured at past CES exhibits end up playing a role in industrial and professional sectors.

That’s happened with drones that are now regularly used at construction sites, intuitively managed interactive robots that help with warehouse and factory tasks, and software that allows you to monitor virtually any aspect of your business.

Perhaps an electronic device, system, and technology featured at this year’s showcase could end up shaping the near future, collectively or within your niche.

Shaping Your Future…Maybe
What are some of the biggest features from CES 2016 that will be most likely to affect manufacturers? Apart from new improvements on familiar tech like drones,  robots, and 3D printing capabilities, there are a few trends to which manufacturers may want to start paying close attention.

If you’re in or serve the automotive sector, you probably already know that cars are essentially becoming large gadgets. Connectivity, self-driving capabilities, and vehicle-to-infrastructure technology will probably become just as important as fuel efficiency, body material, and other conventional automotive factors.

We’ll also see new emphasis on data collection, use, and security as the Internet of Things builds across homes, businesses, and public spaces.

And while it’s true that many products at CES will only seek to create a need rather than serve as a real solution, maybe the next trendy wearable, super compact drone, or flashy virtual reality system could help make your life, and work day, a little bit easier.

Will you be following new developments to come out of CES 2016?

Is there a hyped technology that you’re especially eager to see?

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