Have you heard that user-friendly 3D printers will soon be available to the masses?

While lots of creative people have been 3D printing on their very own 3D printers, many they build themselves, there are plenty of us who would love a chance to play with the technology but don’t have the time or knowhow to create our own 3D printer from parts. Soon we’ll get an opportunity to enjoy the art and science of 3D printing with a new user-friendly, ready-to-buy, ready-to-print 3D printer that will be available to purchase online and in home improvement stores.

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A Fun Addition To Your Home Workshop
Dremel—a name you’re probably already familiar with as the makers of many easy-to-use, handheld tools—will be releasing a 3D printer that gives ordinary consumers the opportunity to craft their own 3D printed creations. You won’t be able to print everything you need, such as standard components like SAE washers or replacement screws, but you will get a chance to take designs from your computer screen, using basic software, to three-dimensional objects made from plastic.

Safe And Family Friendly
Dremel’s 3D Idea Builder will open up exciting possibilities for craft enthusiasts, DIY fans, and their families. Together, you can design your own simple structures on your Mac or PC, which can be printed from a special thermoplastic. In addition to being user friendly, the 3D Idea Builder could be considered safer than similar, home-built options since its build platform isn’t heated.

The Perfect Holiday Gift?
Keep in mind that while the 3D Idea Builder is very accessible and opens up a lot of potentials, it’s a bit more expensive than your average hobby purpose. Currently, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder is reported to retail at $999, so it’s not exactly what most would consider a casual purchase or DIY supply splurge, but it’s still making new technology accessible to the masses. It could certainly make a great holiday wish list item for the creative household.

Other Options Soon To Come
The 3D Idea Builder is available for preorder online, but it’s also expected to hit Home Depot stores this November. If you’re not sure about the Dremel 3D Idea Builder but you’re still looking for a household 3D printer, you have other options: XYZprinting is due to release high-end, user-friendly 3D printers that will also retail for under $1000.

Do you think you will be one of the first buyers to pick up your own at-home 3D printer or will you wait to see what happens once this exciting technology hits the mass market? Tell us in the comments.

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