Desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and smartwatches from Apple are noteworthy for more than just their digital capabilities; Apple has always put an emphasis on design.

In the 90s, most brands of desktops and laptops weren’t all that unique in appearance, but Apple’s bold color plastic casing and round corners were distinct.

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Then, from clean crisp black and white plastic, to sleek, matte aluminum, the design of Apple products help distinguish the brand and transformed their devices from just another consumer electronic product to a statement.

Now, Apple may be ready for a new material and design update driven by more than meets the eye.


Image Source: Patently Apple

Titanium Cased Laptops, Tablets, Smartwatches And More
Apple recently filed patents for the use of titanium metal, titanium alloys, and hybrid plastic in its growing range of products.

The material combination could be a considerable upgrade from the silver-grey aluminum casing used in many of Apple’s gadgets, especially as this material can be costly and difficult to machine once zirconium and its alloys are incorporated.

This addition is needed for products like the Space Gray and Jet Black iPhone, which feature a darker finish.

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Image Source: Wikimedia

Benefits On The Production Line
Using titanium and derivative alloys could preserve the weight-to-durability ratio that’s gained from aluminum, but it could also help to reduce machining challenges and cost. The addition of a PVD coating could also give Apple the ability to cosmetically modify cases for design enhancements.

Phones With Built-In Protection
Apple has also filed a patent for bonding plastic with porous metals. This thermoplastic incorporation could add a layer of protection against those common mishaps that easily damage phones, tablets, and just about anything we take on the go.


A metal plastic hybrid casing has been proposed to help improve water and impact resistance—protecting devices from spills, drops, and dings. With Apple having laid claim to branding derived from design for decades, enhanced, built-in durability may be its next standout feature in the tech market.

What do you think of Apple’s patent for titanium and plastic bonded device cases?

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