Will The Military’s XSTAT-30 Help Save More Civilian Lives?

Gun violence is an unfortunately pressing and increasing problem in the United States. While there’s plenty of contention about how it should specifically be addressed, one thing is clear: the more effectively we can treat bullet wounds and prevent loss of life, the better.

There’s a device that’s specifically designed to stop a common, direct cause of death due to bullet wounds by rapidly preventing blood-loss. It was previously only used by the military, but now the FDA has approved its use by civilians.

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Designed For The Military, Cleared For Civilians
The XSTAT-30 looks like an syringe filled with tablets, and that’s essentially what it is except the tablets are actually small sponges that serve as a clotting aid within a bullet wound.

The device is manufactured by RevMedX of Wilsonville, Oregon and has been designed as a more versatile alternative to a tourniquet, and a faster, less painful way to pack a wound.

Since it works like a syringe, it can be used to stop severe bleeding in areas of the body where a conventional tourniquet cannot be applied.

The XSTAT-30, also called the XSTAT Rapid Homeostasis System, injects small, super absorbent sponge tablets directly into a wound and helps stop severe bleeding until conventional treatment can be administered.

Each sponge is capable of absorbing a full pint of blood and effectively stops life-threatening blood-loss in a matter of seconds. The device contains 92 tables and each injection is effective for roughly four hours.

The sponges are also made with a radioplaque marker that makes them visible under x-ray and easier to remove upon treatment.

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Reducing Loss Of Life From Gun Violence 
While it’s extremely unfortunate to see an increased need for this type of medical device in the civilian world, the XSTAT-30 could mean a significant reduction in deaths due to gun shot, especially as hemorrhage is one of the more direct causes of death.

Until we can agree and move forward on a better means of preventing gun violence before it happens, perhaps the best thing we can do is reduce the potential for lives to be lost.

What are your thoughts on the XSTAT-30s new clearance for civilian use?

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