24 Free Press Release Templates

Great releases are unique. When done right, they thoroughly and efficiently share news of a meaningful development that’s specific to your company. Sharing critical information is essential to building your brand, creating a positive impression, and fostering the buzz that gets people interested in what you do, which will prime them to buy your solutions.


Beyond sharing news, releases are vital to an effective ranking strategy. Strategically composing and distributing them is a proven method for connecting your company with phrases and keywords your prospects are searching for.

For these and other reasons, releases are a high-value element in any brand-building and internet marketing endeavor. They are often overlooked but can be powerful assets to a campaign. So how do you begin the process of creating them? This is where a template for a press release can be a great asset.

Using A Sample Press Release Template

Skillfully written releases are one-of-a-kind, but they all utilize specific formatting standards and best practices. A release template puts these essential criteria front and center to make the writing process faster and easier.

For writers who may be new to them as a type of content and for professionals who have decided to forgo dedicated writing services, writing from a template can demystify the structure and standards that might not be immediately obvious.

Even for professional content creators, marketers, and people versed in press release production, using a formatted template can save time and energy. A template is a practical resource for organizing information and ensuring it flows appropriately, amounting to a clear and compelling experience for a reader.

You can also learn how to write a press release from a sample template to improve your skills and develop a straightforward journalistic tone, which is very important for creating compelling and trustworthy content.

Mastering this skill can be the difference between a lackluster, unnoticed release and one that is impactful and consequential to your company’s reputation and SEO rankings.


Even if you feel confident in your ability to imitate a release similar to the one you’d like to create, writing from a sample release template will produce a better result than trying to modify an old release into something new. But, just as there are many different types of releases, there are many other template examples. The following are some of the most popular examples of templates.

24 Templates For Press Releases

If you’re trying to find a template for a release, here are some of the most common developments that can merit the composition and distribution of a dedicated news release. Remember that you can choose a sample release/template and use it to organize your details. If some elements are not applicable or that need to be expanded upon, a template can still be a useful starting point.

Article Published Press Release Template
This release is a chance to broadcast the publication of an article composed by or on behalf of your company. It’s an opportunity to drive engagement to the article and show that your company is offering its expertise.
Award Received Press Release Template
This release publicizes an award or exceptional achievement granted to a company. It’s a great way to highlight the capabilities and practices that your company has used to earn special recognition.
Business Anniversary Press Release Template
This release can be used to commemorate a significant anniversary for your company, whether it’s the anniversary of its founding, its debut in a new marketplace, or another important date. It’s a chance to tell a story of how your company got there and assert its longevity.
Case Study/Survey Press Release Template
This release calls attention to a recent survey or case study conducted by your company. It’s a chance to discuss key findings and encourage readers to learn more while showing that your company is invested in gathering important information.
Charitable Contribution Press Release Template
This release will share news of a monetary donation or other charitable cause contributions. It spreads the word about your company’s altruism and commitment to giving back.
Community Outreach Press Release Template
This release spotlights your company's positive actions and contributions to its community or a philanthropic cause. It shows that your company is active in furthering a cause that matters.
Company Reputation Press Release Template
This release spotlights your company’s reputation. It’s a chance to explain what’s behind a sterling history of high reviews and ratings, address any recent setbacks, and emphasize your company’s commitment to improve and only do better.
Competitor Comparison Press Release Template
This release compares the capabilities of your company and a leading competitor. It’s an opportunity to discuss how your company can offer a better experience to its customers and persuade buyers to choose it as a provider.
Discontinued Product/Service Press Release Template
This release notices that a product or service will be discontinued, allows your company to discuss why, and offers guidance on new and alternative options for your buyers. It’s essential in communicating end-of-life (EOL), end-of-service (EOS), and similar details.
Event Press Release Template
This release shares the news of a recent or upcoming event your company has participated in, such as a convention, expo, or conference. It can be used to show your company playing an active role in its industry or market.
Guest Appearance Press Release Template
This release enables your company to spread the word about a recent publication or participation in a webinar, podcast, interview, or similar media. It’s a way to boost engagement and generate buzz.
Interesting Product/Service Facts Press Release Template
This release is an opportunity to discuss notable facts and highlight unique things about an offering. It can also be used to confront common questions or misconceptions associated with a product or service, which will help potential buyers feel more informed and share your company’s expertise.
New Accreditation Press Release Template
This release is used to publicize your company’s approval for professional accreditation and share the details of the new credentials. It’s a great way to show that your company is recognized for meeting specific standards.
New Capability Press Release Template
This release is used when a company adopts a new capability, such as a new system or equipment. It will focus on the features and the unique capability of your company’s customers and the markets it serves.
New Employee Press Release Template
This release shares the news that a company has hired a new employee and explains why they will be a great addition to the team. It’s also a chance to show your company is attracting new talent and what makes it a great place to work.
New Internship Press Release Template
This release is a chance to spread the word about a new internship, job opening, or another opportunity. It’s a way to attract applicants and show that your company is expanding its team by offering learning and training opportunities.
New Partnership Press Release Template
This release publicizes partnerships, joint ventures, and mergers between your company and another. It can tell your current and future customers what they will gain now that your organization is working with another company.
New Product/Service Press Release Template
This release celebrates the debut of a new product, service, or another offer. Use this release to generate excitement and make a marketplace aware of all the features and benefits they stand to gain.
Product Comparison Press Release Template
This release compares your company’s product and a leading competitor’s. It’s a great way to look at how your company can deliver better results when meeting market needs.
Product Origin Press Release Template
This release tells the story of how a product or service was developed and came to be offered by your company. It can also be used for services. It’s effective for sharing your company’s role in meeting market needs.
Product Upgrade Press Release Template
This release shares details on a product upgrade and lets current and future customers know about enhancements to an existing offering. It can also be used to discuss improved and extended options for a service-based offering. It’s an excellent way to show that your company is keeping current and improving.
Production Milestone Press Release Template
This press release is an opportunity to report on a special achievement and spotlight the practices and capabilities that led to it. It’s a great way to show your market that your company is successful at realizing goals and continuously improving.
Program Participation Press Release Template
This release discusses the details of a recent program, training, or drill recently completed by your company. It can highlight the new qualifications or certifications your team has earned while showing your company’s commitment to growth and improvement.
Q A Video Press Release Template
This release is an opportunity to publicize the launch of a new question-and-answer video. It helps attract viewers and boost recognition of your company and brand as a source of information that’s sought after.

How To Write A Press Release With A Template

Identify a template example or type that closely matches your specifics

  • Organize the facts of your development by completing a questionnaire or outline
  • Gather quotes from key stakeholders and players
  • Make sure your details cover the who, what, why, when, and how
  • Apply this information to the format or template for the release
  • Compose the release by including all the data from the template in a way that flows
  • Review and revise to create a compelling experience for the reader, as well as a positive, professional impression of your brand

General Press Release Template Example

As you work through the details of your development and organize your information, remember that your goal is to explain to a reader what happened and why it matters. Using a template for a release can help you accomplish that without difficulty. A formatted template will consist of four main parts. They are the headline, the summary, the body, and the boilerplate. Each of these elements has unique attributes and details, which are explained below.

The Press Release Headline

The headline is one of the essential parts of the release. It will be the first thing readers will see and determine whether or not they click on the release. The headline is also essential for marketing purposes. Using relevant keywords in the title can help your company gain recognition alongside phrases that are being searched for in Google.

This does not mean that a headline is an opportunity for stuffing or using keywords that aren’t relevant to the topic of your release. It is, however, an effective method for boosting your brand’s connection to any product, service, marketplace, or other subject being discussed in your release.

When composing the headline, here are some standards to keep in mind to make it most effective:

  • Make It Compelling - Thinking about the reader’s point of view and what they’ll find most interesting about the news you’re sharing
  • Use Active Verbs - State what your company did or is doing that describes the development in as straightforward phrasing as possible.
  • Stick To The Facts - Avoid unnecessary adjectives and be objective by stating what happened, who did it, or who will be affected.
  • Be Brief - The ideal length of a release headline is about eight to ten words and should be no longer than twelve words.

The Press Release Summary


The summary can be considered an extension of the headline. It should also be concise, consisting of no more than 45 words, and compelling. The summary is a chance to add a little more context to the headline and further draw in readers, so they move on to the main content of the release.

Suppose you’re having trouble summarizing the most critical and compelling development details. In that case, you may want to wait to write the summary after you’ve completed the body of the release. The most significant points from the body of the release can be reemphasized to create the outline.

Ultimately, the goal is to entice the reader to learn more by providing a glimpse into the development that will be thoroughly discussed in the release. You’ll want to focus on the most important information without giving everything away.

The Press Release Body

The release's body will tell the whole story of your development. The main parts are:

  • The Introductory Paragraph
  • The Main Body Content
  • A Forward-Looking Conclusion

These portions come together to explain the significance of the development. In addition to this basic format, a press release should include a link to a targeted page and reader prompt, as well as quotes from people who were directly involved.


Here Are Details On How To Satisfy These Standards:

1. The Introductory Paragraph
The first paragraph of the release is the essential part of the release. If you don't maintain the reader's interest, after you've captured their attention with your headline; they aren't going to bother reading the rest of it.

Your introductory paragraph must start strong by leading with what happened or will happen. You will need to set this up so that your reader will want to go on to read the how, when, who, and why behind the development.

The introductory paragraph should be short and effective, consisting of two or three lines that give content to the headline and open up the story you're about to tell.

2. Targeted Page And Reader Prompt
After the introductory paragraph, the reader prompt and link to a targeted page can be included. This reader prompt is a way to establish an inbound link to your website or another targeted page, which is coming from the high-authority news sites and other sources where your press release is distributed.

The targeted page of the reader prompt will need to be relevant to the news you’re sharing. If, for example, the press release is about an upgrade to a product, the prompt will encourage the reader to learn more about the product, which should be specified by name. A link to that product’s landing page or relevant content should follow.

The targeted page should be displayed as a full URL following the reader prompt. Once this is included, the press release can then go on to discuss the essential details of the development in the main body.

3. The Main Body
After telling the reader what happened in the introduction, it’s time to tell the story of when and how it happened, who was involved, and who will be affected.

Whether your company is responsible for the development, responding to an issue impacting its industry, or whatever the situation, this is the portion of the release where essential facts and their significance can be shared.

As you write this portion of the announcement, the most important thing to consider is who will be most interested in this news. You’ll want to cater the details to their interests and sensibilities, so make sure you emphasize how this will impact people outside your company or what it ultimately means for their experience. You’ll want to include quotes supporting critical points within these central paragraphs.

Adding quotes is essential for creating a professional and trustworthy impression. They contribute to the journalistic quality and a sense of newsworthy relevance.

In addition to giving the release a more current feel, quotes will help drive home the significance of the news being shared. To be most effective, they should come from key players or stakeholders in the development.

A release should include a minimum of one quote, but ideally two, and no more than three. A single line statement is sufficient. It should be enclosed in quotation marks and always be preceded or followed by the name and title or role, if applicable, of the person being quoted.

The quotes should be included where they are most relevant. For example, if the quote is from a designer and it discusses the initial concept behind a new product, it would be best to include their quote in the portion of the press release that covers the product’s development.

5. Conclusion
To close the release, the final paragraph should drive home the overall meaning of the development. This can be dedicated to a projection or prediction of the impact. It can also briefly mention what your company is focusing on next.

The conclusion can touch on how this development is relevant to an overall mission to serve and respond to the needs of a marketplace. Ultimately, the goal is to leave the reader with a forward-looking impression.

6. Boilerplate
While the conclusion is used to close out the development you’re sharing, the boilerplate is the last part of the announcement. The boilerplate text briefly explains what your company does, who it serves, and what makes it a special force in its industry.

The boilerplate text can be general, but if the release’s topic is most relevant to a specific marketplace or demographic, you may want to make it a point to mention how your company serves it and why.

The boilerplate should not exceed a single paragraph. It is, ideally, no more than 50 words or roughly two or three lines of text.


Before You Fill Out A Template For A Press Release

Before you write a release from a template or example, you’ll want to follow these best practice standards. Doing so will mean that your press release maintains a professional, objective, and journalistic quality that news sites, trend followers, bloggers, and targeted readers consider trustworthy.

  • Keep The Release In Third-Person - Your release must sound like it’s being written by a journalist reporting on your company. It should never give the impression that someone from your company is composing it. Your company is referred to as “it” and never “we.”
  • Avoid Subjective And Unnecessary Adjectives - Just as your release should give the impression that a journalist is writing it, it should be impartial. This means that it is more objective than subjective. The priority is to share news of development and explain its importance, not to
  • Always Inform, Never Promote - When the release shares the correct information, it will create a positive impression. There’s no need to tell the reader what makes your company great when you provide them with informative details of what it is doing and why it matters. Your goal is to inform, not sell, and that means you much show rather than tell.
  • Stick To The Fact And Cite Your Sources - An announcement should be dedicated to generating interest and establishing trust by delivering the facts. This means avoiding unnecessary details or information that isn’t relevant to development. Any data or figures that are cited should be appropriately sourced.
  • Run A Quality Check And Polish As Needed - When the first draft of the release is completed, it should be scanned for typos, grammar, and technical errors. It should also be given to one or two test readers to ensure that it’s clear, informative, and compelling. Based on the feedback received, take time to polish and improve the release as necessary.

Write A Templated Framework

Use this example template as a framework for your information:
1. Introduce - Tell the reader What happened or is going to happen and Why it’s essential.

2. Prompt - Include a statement encouraging the reader to learn more about your targeted topic and include a URL to your landing page.

3. Inform - In the following several paragraphs, go into the details of the development, including:
  • When it happened or will happen.
  • Who was involved and will be affected
  • How it happened or will happen

4. Quote - Place quotes from key players and appropriately credit them, making sure to include this information where it’s most relevant.

5. Conclude - Close the development news by giving the reader something to look forward to.

6. Boilerplate - Tell the reader what the company does and who it serves.


Common Questions When Writing From A Press Release Template Or From Scratch

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