Sitting down to dinner is a simple daily pleasure, but the food on every plate owes its existence to a complex web of producers, processors, distributors, and retailers. The system struggles with persistent problems related to food waste, food sanitation, and foodservice labor shortages. To solve these vexing problems, food industry entrepreneurs have called upon the computing power of the 21st century. New products that employ artificial intelligence are entering the market in all areas of the food industry.

Fixing Fresh Food Waste

Grocers strive to meet customer demand for fresh fruits and vegetables while avoiding disposal of produce left on shelves. An AI-powered product from the startup Afresh Technologies aims to replace the guesswork in fresh food ordering with recommendations based on previous sales and other data trends. Data analytics enable precise ordering that meets customer demand while reducing the time that food spends on shelves. Grocers using the system achieve up to 50% reduction in food waste.

Produce aisle in the Bashas’ grocery store located in Chinle, AZ. Credit: Martinpulido

Food Safety Compliance

The startup foodDocs has launched a digital food safety specialist meant to alleviate confusion about food safety inspection regulations around the world. The FoodDocs system uses AI to analyze a food business’s operation and highlight how to apply applicable regulations to daily activities. In this way, FoodDocs makes it easier for businesses to recognize and follow regulations instead of struggling through complicated regulatory codes without guidance. So far, over 8,000 users in the U.K., Australia, Canada, and the U.S. have used FoodDocs.

Mugaritz restaurant: kitchen. 2012. Credit: Sorin Cojocaru

Food Preparation Automation

Rising labor costs or the lack of available labor strain the restaurant industry. Blendid, a food automation startup, is developing robotic food assemblers and cookers powered by AI to provide 24-hour labor in retail food operations.

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ABOUT Afresh Technologies

Rigid perpetual inventory might work in a perfect world—but reality is much messier. Our Intelligent Inventory feature uses AI to predict what’s in store and uses that to place the perfect order and save employees time.

Grocers across the United States use Afresh to order billions of pounds of food per year. Our system’s accuracy generates game-changing results that are good for business, communities, and the planet.Our customers see a significant average cost savings every year thanks to more accurate ordering.  More accurate inventory and ordering translates to less food wasted.

Scorecards and other reporting tools make it easy to track Afresh’s performance and store teams’ usage for stakeholders in-store and at corporate headquarters.

ABOUT FoodDocs

FoodDocs helps to create and maintain food safety management systems for all companies and institutions who serve or sell food..  From small producers to big hotels, from burger trucks, bakeries, ghost kitchens and snack bars to schools, hospitals, shops and beyond!

Get your HACCP plan in less than 2 hours. Answer simple questions and watch our AI compile the food safety documents you need to submit to your local authority.

Reduce human errors and apply uniform food safety standards across all business units of your company. Use our simple built-in tool to customize the entire HACCP plan to suit the specifics of your business.

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