It’s a major business idea that’s been hindered by a number of issues, the most notable of which is regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration. That could all change as Amazon has now been given permission to test its ecommerce delivery drones within the United States.

Though the FAA released drone-testing approval for an outdated drone last month, this latest development may actually add up to a significant milestone for Amazon and a whole new era in ecommerce.

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Is Delivery Destine To Stay Grounded?
So long as Amazon’s delivery drones fly no higher than 400 feet and no faster than 100 miles per hour, the FAA will allow the online selling giant to test their unmanned aircraft. If found to be viable and safe by the administration, the drones could revolutionize the way online shoppers receive products.

Will this approach change the future or is widespread commercial drone use destine to stay grounded.

Going Slow For Safety’s Sake?
Critics of commercial drones have cited safety as a major issue. Safety was also primary reason why the FAA has said its response to drone regulation and testing has been so slow.

A lot of questions remain on how unmanned aircraft, however small, will exist in skies with conventional, piloted craft and operate around obstacles. Now that testing is allowed, we’ll get a chance to see how Amazon can overcome the inherent challenges, primarily how to deliver an airborne package without a pilot to evade potential hazards.

Amazone Drone Delivery

Speedier Decisions Abroad
Amazon hasn’t delayed it drone testing and prototyping efforts as a result of the FAA’s slow regulatory response. The company has completed testing of advanced drone designs in nations abroad where permissions were granted in manner of weeks.

Challenges For Air E-Commerce Remain
As testing continues, and is now permitted in the U.S., don’t expect a drone to soon deliver your new giant flat screen TV or even recurring grocery order. If, however, you’d like a DVD, book, or other product below five pounds, that drone delivery may be possible.


Over 85% of items that Amazon carries fall below that weight limit, thus the company could deliver a major majority of its products in as little as a half an hour. That is, of course, if the delivery location is within the Amazon drone operator’s line of sight—which is currently the most challenging requirement set by the FAA.

While Amazon and the FAA have yet to reach terms that would allow commercial drone deliver to operate as retailers intend, U.S. based testing permissions represent a major step for the technology, its acceptance, and its future widespread utilization. 

Do you think the FAA is right to take its time with regulation or are they simply hindering progress?

Tell us your thoughts on delivery drones in the comments.

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  1. There’s a tech news video circulating around the internet which challenges the Amazon movement toward drone delivery. It cites all the potential problems that will thwart their efforts. Some of these include: the lack of sensitivity or accuracy of the drone’s sensors, which could lead the drone to getting tangled with thin tree branches or power lines; a vulnerability to wireless hacking which a company already exposed. There are more, but these two are enough.

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