There are a lot of reasons to use stainless steel in many applications. It’s strong, it doesn’t corrode easily, it’s versatile and durable, and—perhaps most important in the consumer market—it’s attractive. Stainless steel is one of those materials that looks great for what it is—no need for much finishing, painting, or cosmetic treatment besides a high polish.


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Stainless steel’s durability and cosmetic appeal have made it the darling of the modern kitchen. From dishwashers and refrigerators, to thermal tumblers and designer fixtures, it may be difficult to find a modern home that doesn’t have at least one stainless steel element. However, its market saturation—as well as its tendency to fade under daily smudges and fingerprints—may have left consumers wanting something new but with many of stainless steel’s lasting benefits.

A Bold And Dark Debut 
Household appliance manufacturers are now hoping that consumers are ready to try something a bit different and much darker than conventional stainless steel appliances. While a stainless steel body is still found on new refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, and vent hoods from biggest names in household appliances, the familiar silver finish is gone. Instead, a sleek black matte finish covers the face of these kitchen essentials.

Major Brands Banking On Black Stainless
Black stainless steel appliances are now being introduced as a stylish and modern alternative to conventional stainless steel, with the added advantage of resistance to fingerprints and smudging. LG, KitchenAid and GE have all debuted new stainless steel appliances in finishes that range from dray grey to ebony. The latest manufacturer to hop on the trend is Samsung, which has recent introduced their Black Stainless Steel Collection.

The new additions have certainly generated a lot of buzz and enthusiasm from designers, and the design photos show just how striking the collections can be, but its difficult to say if this look will have widespread or lasting appeal. The big brands may be touting this change as the next big form and function update for your average home, but some say it’s more likely to remain a niche product.

Credit: Electrolux Schweiz

Do you think black stainless steel will catch on as look for the average home and change household product trends? If the look manages to usurp the conventions of traditional stainless steel, could it have an impact on your industry or products? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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