Aluminum cans that contain all manner of food, drink, and other products, could be regarded as a packaging revolution. They’re easy to pack and transport, can be recycled into new uses, and keep contents fresh for years.

For all the aluminum can has to offer as a packaging solution, there aren’t many drawbacks, unless you want to show off what’s inside.

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The opaque, solid metal sides of the aluminum can mean that food producers and distributors must rely on a photo or illustration on the label—which is sometimes only an approximation of what’s really inside.

An image of a product also falls short when aiming to attract a shopper’s attention compared to a clear jar or bag of the real thing, even when quality and nutrition are comparable.

Food and beverage manufactures that rely on cans may soon get a chance to showoff what they offer with a new take on this conventional type of packaging.

Revealing Contents And Attracting Attention
The TruVue can combines the familiar metal pop-top lid and bottom with semi-clear plastic sides that reveal a can’s contents. Developed by Sonoco, the TruVue can uses FUSION Freshlock Technology and a multilayer plastic substrate that allows contents to be visible and still maintain a lasting shelf life.

Sonoco president and CEO Jack Sanders has emphasized the benefits of the TruVue can as a marketing solution for canned products that are competing with fresh foods located in the perimeter aisles of grocery stores.

Sanders has also said that this new approach to canned products is conducive to changing customer demands that are focused on freshness, nutrition, and simpler ingredients.

Changing What Shoppers Choose
Though alternatives are out there, Sonoco claims that the TruVue container is the first clear plastic can to withstand the sterilization, heating, and sealing process needed to safely can foods.

The packaging developer has also said that their take on the clear can allows for a more uniform heating process, faster retort cycles, and better structural performance.

TruVue cans are said to be ready to hit store shelves in a matter of months and may soon revolutionize the way shoppers consider the canned products they buy, from soups and sauces to fruits and vegetables, and pet food.

What do you think of the TruVue clear can?

Do you see this innovation having an impact on your industry?

Will it change the way you offer products, or at least the way you shop for them?

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