People staying home due to the pandemic leaned on frozen foods in a big way for their home-cooked meals. In both the United States and the United Kingdom, frozen food sales surged by double-digit percentages during the past year. Now producers are studying consumer surveys to identify the best strategies for maintaining high sales.

Billions In Sales

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For 2020, the American Frozen Food Institute reported that retail sales of frozen foods totaled $65.1 billion in the United States. This represented a 21 percent jump in revenue compared to 2019, which only experienced a 1.9 percent sales increase over 2018 sales. The increase was so significant that sales of freezers went up as well.

Frozen Fruits. Credit: Theo Crazzolara

In the United Kingdom, frozen food sellers collected an additional 14.4 percent in revenue due to the 2020 upswing in sales according to the British Frozen Food Federation.

Online Food Shopping Contributed To Growth

Frozen food sales online jumped an impressive 75 percent in the United States in 2020. Dinner entrees, meat, poultry, and seafood were the strongest categories among online grocery shoppers.

Will Frozen Foods Remain Hot Sellers?

With such significant gains, frozen food producers naturally hope to keep their customers coming back even as they gradually start eating out again. According to an industry survey of shoppers, 50 percent of respondents replied that low prices were a strong factor in selecting frozen foods. Product availability mattered to 45 percent of those surveyed, and 43 percent of consumers valued food variety. Producers could position themselves for continued success if they can meet these expectations.

Do you think people will keep stocking up on frozen foods?

ABOUT American Frozen Food Institute

The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) represents America’s frozen food and beverage makers. Our members are farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, makers of prepared meals, suppliers and distributors that provide over 670,000 American jobs.

Our foods and beverages are proudly chosen to meet the needs of a changing world.  We are the member-driven national trade association that advances the interests of all segments of the frozen food and beverage industry.

AFFI’s work to promote and advance the frozen food industry’s public policy agenda includes managing numerous affiliated organizations focused on specific frozen food products and issues.  Each AFFI affiliated organization is headed by its own leadership and offers a diverse range of services, programs and initiatives designed to meet their unique public policy needs and engage the public.

ABOUT British Frozen Food Federation

BFFF is the UK’s frozen food trade association, with over 300 members comprising Producers, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Brokers, Retailers and related Associate businesses. Membership provides an excellent opportunity for frozen food companies and associates to gain awareness at both commercial and legislative levels and also to understand how BFFF is promoting the industry.

BFFF has a unique and substantial membership covering the entire cold chain from large companies to SMEs, which increases its influence with Government and outside agencies. Membership services are offered impartially to each individual member company.

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