We’ve recently seen aluminum put to work on an auto easily associated with reliable power: the Ford F150 Pickup. As Ford opted to switch from steel for the construction of the F150’s body and customers responded with enthusiasm, the industry started wonder if aluminum would replace steel as the go-to material for other commercial cars and trucks.


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Such developments have some steel suppliers concerned and aluminum manufacturers embracing the switch by actually working to develop new aluminum alloys specifically for new automotive applications.

Both sides may have goods reasons to respond as they are, especially as aluminum is going beyond use in the average commercial auto and on to luxury market.

Making Luxury Lightweight 
Just as the Ford F150 is associated with toughness, the name Roll Royce has long been considered the pinnacle of classic automotive opulence.

Credit: Ank Kumar

The company must regularly meet and exceed the very high expectations of their customers, but they must also adapt to changing automotive standards that call for greater efficiency without compromise of safety and performance.

In an effort to lighten the weight of their next generation of the Phantom Coupe, Rolls Royce will be using an all-aluminum architecture in the construction of the vehicle.

Rolls Royce will also be employing the material on the architecture of the company’s Ghost sedan.

How Long Before Aluminum Dominates?
While aluminum has a long way to go before it becomes anywhere near as dominant as steel, the lightweight material has become a primary integration in autos that claim greater fuel economy.

From your average suburban parking lot, to the garage of an extravagant estate, you may be all the more likely to find an increasing amount of aluminum in new automobiles.

Do you think Ford and Rolls Royce will continue to see success as a result of their new aluminum employment? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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