Amazon has changed the way people shop online. The ecommerce giant has gone from an extensive online catalog of books and music, to B2B and business products, to same-day grocery delivery, and now to a complete streaming media service.

If you’re not an online shopper, however, Amazon probably hasn’t had a big impact on the way you buy products. That could change depending on the success of Amazon Go.

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With Amazon Go its latest foray into bricks-and-mortar shopping Amazon goes a step further than self-checkout by eliminating the checkout process entirely Steve RingmanThe Seattle Times

Image Source : The Seattle Times

Shop And Leave, Then Pay
Amazon Go is a new brick and mortar store that allows customers to enter, shop, and leave with their groceries without having to stop, checkout and pay. This experience is made possible through advanced technology that tracks what individual customers pick up from store shelves and leave with.

Shoppers can then pay at a later time through their Amazon account.

Soon To Open
The 1,800 square foot flagship store was recently set up at Seventh Avenue and Blanchard Street in Seattle and is due to open to the public this year. Amazon Go’s current selection includes ready-made meals and snacks that Amazon employees were free to purchase as part of a trial run in December of 2016.

A Test Of AI Technology
The store is more than just a commerce venture; it’s also an exploration of the artificial intelligence and computer vision technology in which Amazon is increasingly investing. The new Amazon Go store is not the company’s only branch out into brick and mortar retail.

Pop-up shops in malls and a book shop are also new ventures that allow customers to engage with an Amazon purchasing experience in-person but with expedited sales and purchasing options.

What are your thoughts on Amazon’s growing brick and mortar presence?

Would you like to try a more automated approach to shopping and paying for things you need?

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