The free moving robot race hasn’t slowed down. Tech and robotics developers may be trying to outfly one another with the next best delivery drone, but there’s still big robotic news on the ground thanks to Cassie.

The ostrich inspired robot created by Agility Robotics may be the precursor to the robot that soon helps you restock your warehouse or carries your groceries home.

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Credit: Oregon State University

Flightless But Not Weighed Down
Cassie is a new bipedal robot that can strut its way through some notably awkward terrain. It’s movement resembles the gait of large flightless birds and also gives it the ability to retain balance in situations that typically cause other two legged robots to topple over.

The Agility Robotics team required a range of custom components, as well as a unique, downsized lithium ion battery pack that’s powerful enough to keep Cassie’s multiple motors in operation but also small enough to keep the robot’s size and weight down.

In addition to a notable walk, Cassie is able to crouch, bend, and retain stability.


Dynamic Motion For Dangerous Terrain
The dynamic motion that’s possible through Cassie make it a more viable option for search and rescue, surveying, and reconnaissance missions.

The current motion and balance capabilities of most bipedal robots amount to some major limitations when it comes to tough terrain or dangerous circumstances, but Cassie’s dynamic movement can potentially work around those obstacles.

Credit: Oregon State University

Some Help With Heavy Lifting
With regard to commercial applications, Cassie may not be direct competition for autonomous delivery drones that are set to become more prevalent, but it could fill in at locations that aren’t safe or accessible for drones, such as complicated infrastructure or indoors among humans.

Rather than taking delivery jobs from human workers, Cassie is said to potentially serve as more of an assistant when it comes to heavy lifting. It could even serve as the basis for robotic prosthetic limbs.

What do you think about Cassie and the potential applications for this agile robot?

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