How To Write A New Location Announcement

Your business will be operating at a new location and you need to notify your marketplace. This means it’s time to send out a new location announcement.

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A new location or relocation announcement is an official statement from your company that informs customers that it can be found at a new address. This type of announcement can be a simple “We’ve moved!” notice, which will share the new address.

A new location announcement can and should be shared through as many channels as possible, including its call directory, website, social media pages, local community directories, as well as online ads and direct mail notices.

Apart from simply letting your customers know of a change of address, a new location announcement is a chance to reach out to your marketplace and make new buyers aware of the solutions that your business provides. With the right approach, your company’s new location can be more than just a simple piece of news; it can be a marketing opportunity.

How A New Location Announcement Can Be A Marketing Opportunity

A new location announcement is a chance to have your company associated with information that your future customers are likely to seek out. This includes the town or city, state, and region where your company operates.

Building recognition for your company based on its location is important for local businesses as well as those that mainly serve customers within a set geographic location.

On the surface, marketing based on location might not carry much advantage for those businesses that offer products and services nationally or internationally, but there is still marketing potential. Domestic manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers can use their new location to emphasize that they are based in the United States and can offer specific advantages compared to overseas sellers and international competitors.

Location-based marketing can also help attract local job seekers or provide an opportunity to emphasize shipping capabilities and your company’s role as a proud employer in its community.

A new location is also a chance to mention the capabilities that will come with your company at its new space, as well as any additions or changes. Even if the location is the only thing that’s new, reiterating what your company does, how it operates, or anything that makes it unique will amount to more ways for customers to learn about solutions based on the keywords related to your company.

Using A Press Release To Issue A New Location Announcement

A press release provides an excellent method for spreading the news of a new location. Instead of just sharing a new address or picture of a new storefront or facility, a press release enables you to expand on why this change is meaningful for your company and how that will impact its ability to serve its marketplace.

Regardless of your company’s reasons for moving to this new location, treat the announcement as positive and attention-worthy, in much the same way you would share news of winning an award or spread the word that your company has reached a new production milestone. If your company is operating in this new location to better serve its customers or expand on what it delivers, make sure to focus on those details.

If you know how to write a press release, a new location announcement can be treated like any other notable development. To make this specific news item more compelling to current and future customers, consider the following questions and use the answers in your press release:

  • Will this new location enable your company to offer or do something that it couldn’t before?
  • What will change now that your company has a new location?
  • What will remain the same regardless of the new location?
  • What is your company most looking forward to now that it’s operating in a new location?

If you struggle with applying this topic to a media release format, using press release templates may be helpful. These resources will show you how to organize the basic facts of a development and create the type of content that journalists use to report on newsworthy happenings and that customers see as credible.

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