How To Write A Press Release For An Art Show

An art gallery or individual artist who arranges an art show needs to get people in the door. On top of using your social media channels, a press release can snag the attention of local media outlets.

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Prepare your press release two or three weeks before the show date. This allows media outlets to include your information in their publications according to their deadlines. People who read the news also need time to make a plan to attend.

Best practices for writing an art show press release include using clear, everyday language. Avoid jargon that only a limited number of art enthusiasts might know because you want journalists and editors to understand your news announcement easily.

Write the release in a third-person point of view. Use short statements to explain where and when the show takes place and whose art is being exhibited. You can use quotes from the gallery owner and artist to add depth and personality to your story.

Besides the stylistic details of how to write press releases, your number one task is to tell a story. In the media business, this is called having something newsworthy to say.

Your announcement of the show is your newsworthy topic, but it’s best to enhance it with a strong human interest angle. This could be a story about the gallery’s role in the local area or an artist’s methods or inspirations.

Press releases can accomplish more than getting people to visit the art show. Any media coverage that results raises your profile in the community. People will learn about what your artist represents and where they can look for art in the future.

News coverage helps to build an artist’s career. It exposes more people to the art and could lead to more sales.

What Should A Press Release For An Art Show Say?

To decide what to say, identify the core message of your story. This is your newsworthy element that hopefully has the ability to make people feel excited about the art show.

Your news needs to go beyond simply announcing the time and place for the art show. The news could be anchored by an artist’s recent award, the number of pieces on display, or a theme for the works on display.

Other news angles you might use are something interesting from the artist’s life or the message the art seeks to impart. A charity fundraiser or live auction connected to the show would be good stories to emphasize when applicable.

The primary goal of the press release is to excite interest from the media. At a minimum, the press release could win you a mention in the news. At best, a media outlet might ask to interview the artist or cover the show and write a large story about it.

To reach this goal, find a way to phrase your news so that it sounds valuable to the community. Frame the art show as a way to enrich the cultural experiences of local people.

Leverage the artist’s prestige whenever possible if the person has a regional or national reputation. Explain the unique qualities or talents of the artist and why this has gained recognition.

In the context of an interesting news angle, or hook, include the artist or artists in the show and information about the gallery or other show venue. Give the time of the show and mention if it’s free to the public or not.

The most effective press releases have a strong headline that explains how the art show benefits the community or promotes creative careers. Although you might have plenty to say, stick to the basic facts and most interesting aspect of the story. Limit yourself to roughly 400 to 500 words.

Creating A Press Release For An Art Show

Collect your facts about the who, what, where, when, and why of the art show. Double check them for accuracy of spelling, address, and dates and times.

Obtain one or more high-quality photos of featured artwork and the artist. You’re hoping that a media outlet will publish these images.

You must prepare short, one or two paragraph statements about the artist and the gallery. Mention recent achievements of the artist and educational credits. As for the gallery, explain its history briefly, the clientele it attracts, and mission statement.

Ask the artist and/or gallery owner to give you some quotes. These statements should give information about inspiration, technique, and the value of arts to society.

Plug your assembled information into the standard format for a press release. Start with a lively headline that states the key point of interest of the story.

Next, write a summary that supplements the headline. Think of it as a teaser statement. Include information that could arouse more interest and make someone want to read more about the event.

In the first paragraph of the press release, explain the primary point of the story and work in the facts about the artist and time and location of the show.

Fill the subsequent paragraphs with more information about the artist’s work and additional details about the event. Work in your quotes as you go.

At the conclusion, insert a brief biography about the artist and an informational statement about the gallery. End the press release with contact information for anyone who wants to know more and links to download images or other multimedia files related to the show.

If possible, get feedback from your colleagues about the press release. Ask them if it leaves anything unclear or if your headline looks appealing.

Why Write A Press Release For An Art Show?

  • Attract more people to attend the show
  • Promote the value of arts as part of society
  • Increase name recognition of the artist and gallery

Tips For Writing A Press Release For An Art Show

  • Find a news hook that makes the story exciting to the community
  • Make sure you have high-quality photos of artwork to share
  • Explain the benefits of attending the show
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