To successfully rebrand, a company needs to debut its new look and objectives with clarity and a focus on its targeted audience. A rebrand announcement on a company website and social media is a good start, but if you really want to make headlines, writing and issuing a rebrand press release will make that possible.

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Depending on how you would like to frame the transition from one brand to the next, you may want to discuss the reasons behind the change or you may want to primarily focus on what’s new. However, if you’d like to drive the narrative of your rebrand, a press release is a perfect tool for telling a story.

A press release enables you to approach your rebrand as though you were a journalist covering the development in a brief news article. The information to follow will provide guidance on how to write a press release that publicizes a rebrand in a meaningful way. It will also offer tips on how to publish it to maximize your efforts.

Tips On How To Approach A Rebrand Press Release

Identify The Hook

Gather the most important facts related to the rebrand and list them in order of which are most interesting and impactful to people outside your company. Use the most interesting fact to identify the press release’s hook and the best information to lead with.

Keep The Release Focused

Keep the press release focused on the rebrand itself. If you want to go into detail about new products or services your company will now offer, you can make your news go further by issuing a new product or service launch press release as a supplemental campaign.

Keep Past And Current Customers Informed

Let customers know what will change now that your company has become a new brand and what they should do if your company is no longer offering certain products or services. If your company will be phasing out some of its old offerings, you might want to create a discontinued product or service press release to keep your past customers informed.

Anticipate And Answer Key Questions

Treat your press release like an opportunity to better inform your ideal audience of what the rebrand means for them. Anticipate their questions and use the press release to answer them the way a journalist would approach a story.

Use An Objective, Professional Tone

Applying the right tone is important for creating a credible and positive impression, which will make your reader more receptive to your information and more likely to engage. While rebranding can be exciting, resist the urge to drum up hype and instead focus on the facts of the change in an unbiased way.

Apply Your Unique Facts To A Standard Tone

Use the facts of your rebrand to stand out but keep the structure of your press release in line with modern PR standards. A press release template will be helpful for achieving the correct standard. Using such resources will help ensure that your press release flows and also suits various formats used by news sites where your press release may appear after distribution.

Be Strategic With Your Prompts

A press release can be an important starting point for potential followers and customers of your new brand, so give careful consideration to where you’d like them to go once they read your press release. Make sure any linked landing page or contact information you direct them to is relevant to the topic of your rebrand.

Publishing And Distributing A Rebrand Press Release

Choose A Distributor With A Robust Network

There are many different methods for publishing a press release. Your release can be submitted to individual journalists through conventional solicitation methods or free PR directories, but paying a small publishing fee to access a news wire or network of outlets is usually the best option for adequate reach. Choosing the right press release distribution services can mean the difference between getting your rebrand announcement to appear among major headlines in search engine news results and it simply going unnoticed by the majority of your targeted audience.

Promote And Share The Press Release

Once your press release is published and appearing on news sites, make sure you promote it on your company’s website, blog, social media properties, and any other means you can use to extend its reach.

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