A Media Advisory Example And Writing Tips

When an organization wants to attract coverage of important news and events, they will often issue a press release. A press release is an excellent option for broadcasting an important announcement online and directly to people who will be most interested in engaging.

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Issuing a press release to announce a product launch, celebrate a company anniversary, or publicize an upcoming event are just a few examples of how companies leverage public relations content to generate buzz. It’s very easy to do this whenever a company has news to share, especially with the help of the right press release templates.

While press releases are great for directly reaching people with an announcement of a new internship or website, getting the attention of reporters and journalists can be hit or miss. Steep competition can make it difficult to efficiently broadcast your press release through conventional media.

But when you want to invite the media to cover a specific story, event, or development, a media advisory can be more appropriate than a press release.

What Is A Media Advisory?

A media advisory can be considered a combination of an event invitation and a news brief. It’s an efficient way to alert members of the media and summarize a development that’s worthy of coverage.

Companies use media advisories to persuade journalists to report on their news. They are a standard part of a press packet, which can include a press release, or they can be submitted to journalists as a stand-alone document.

Fortunately, if you understand how to write a press release and all of the best practices, creating a media advisory is simple. But if you are new to either type of PR content, the following format breakdown and media advisory example will get you started.

Media Advisory Format

Like a press release, a media advisory should include standard details. In the case of an advisory, it is a single-page document that includes the following:

  • Company Contact Information – The company’s name, phone number, website and email, and logo should be included at the top of the page.
  • Media Advisory Title And Headline – The page should prominently feature the text “Media Advisory,” so there is no ambiguity about the purpose of the document. Directly below this text, a short but attention-grabbing headline should be included.
  • The 5-Ws – The advisory should then list six headings: Who, What, Why, When, and Where, followed by concise information for each one. They should be ordered based on which is most important. For example, if the media advisory is for an event, the list should lead with the where and when. Any details should be as brief as possible, like an invitation or event flyer.
  • Contact Method Details – Provide the name and contact methods for whoever will serve as a spokesperson if a member of the media has questions or needs to reach out.
  • Additional Media – Links to any related media, such as videos, images, or brochures that provide additional information should be included at the end of the document.

Media Advisory Example

ABC Company

123 Main Street

Anywhere USA

ABC-Company. biz


Media Advisory

ABC Company To Debut New Robotics Capability At Technology Showcase

Where: Capital Convention Center, 876 General Blvd., Anywhere USA

When: January 5th, 2024, 12:45 PM, EST

What: A demonstration of a never-before-seen robotics dexterity and gripping capability that will revolutionize hardware automation.

Why: To showcase a groundbreaking technology and provide an interview opportunity with company founder and wunderkind engineer, Jessica Freely, along with a Q&A session.

Who: ABC Company CEO and founder and the robotics design team will be presenting.

Contact: Questions and requests can be submitted to Communications Director, George Hardwick by phone: 800-555-5555 ext. 000 or email g.hardwick@abc-company.biz

Additional Details: Visit ABC-Company. biz/stardeterity_overview.htm for a presentation trailer and event program.

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