A Music Press Release Example To Help You Get Started

When you’re ready to spread the word on a performance, new album or song, or something notable about your music, a press release is an excellent option for extending your reach. But, knowing how to write a press release for your music can be intimidating unless you have a few resources.

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Press release templates and examples can give you a solid starting point for applying your details to a structure that will be recognized as credible and more likely to generate interest among your ideal audience.

Depending on what aspect of your music you’re trying to promote, your press release can focus on many different things. For example, an upcoming concert can be applied to a press release template for an event or a recent performance and interview on a podcast can be applied to a press release that promotes a guest appearance.

But if you need a general way of sharing news related to your music, the following press release examples and explanations of each component may be helpful.

A Music Press Release Example And Explanations

Headline Example

Up-And-Coming Folk Artist Captures The Sound Of The South Quarter

Explanation: The headline should be simple, attention-grabbing, and relevant to the targeted reader, in this case, local folk fans who are open to new music. Since this musician is relatively unknown, the focus is something more familiar, like the musical genre and what’s notable about her work.

Summary Example

Indie musician Carly Peters has entered the local music scene with songs that celebrate the past and present rhythms of life in the South Quarter. The rising folk star explores the city’s history alongside her own story.

Explanation: The summary adds additional context to the headline and draws people in to learn more through the press release.

Press Release Example


The South Quarter is known for its historic industrial buildings and generations of working-class families with stories to tell. Carly Peters, a local guitarist and singer, brings these factory town stories to life through her lyrics and a raw folk sound, which has made the debut artist a new favorite at indie music venues and night spots across the city.

Explanation: The press release’s opening introduces the topic and provides a clear explanation in a way that will resonate with future fans.

Call To Action

To hear Carly’s debut album, South Quarter Solos, download the playlist here.

Explanation: This provides the reader with a way to engage beyond the press release, which makes it more effective for marketing.

Main Body

In her music, Carly Peters takes listeners on a lyrical tour of some of the most vibrant and historic parts of her home city, while incorporating traditional melodies that will be familiar to anyone who also came of age in the region. Although Carly is still an up-and-coming indie musician, her songs have been generations in the making as she draws inspiration from her own family heritage and the shared stories of her community.

After learning to play guitar at age six and continuing to develop her style throughout her childhood, the experience of growing up among the legacy buildings and relics of the local manufacturing district was formative. According to Carly, “When I looked at the old factory and harbor architecture, I thought about the people that moved through it just like I did every day. I imagined walking along side them, listening to their hopes and worries, and hearing the music of the time. I put it all together and new songs just came to life.”

Explanation: The main body provides additional details to support the overall topic of the release and show why it’s significant. For a music press release, this might mean discussing recent performances, processes, influences, and whatever future fans might find compelling.


Carly’s debut album, South Quarter Solos has been likened to releases from other local popular folk artists including Janet Healy, Terrance Teahan, and Sue McKibben. It is now available on CD and for digital download. To submit questions, booking requests, and for other information, email Carly Peters.

Explanation: The conclusion draws the press release to a close and tells the reader how to get in contact for additional information. For a music press release with a goal to grow a listener base, it connects this musician with others that readers are likely to already be familiar with and enjoy.


Carly Peters is a classically trained guitarist and emerging live performer in the South Quarter folk scene. She is available for booking at local venues and small private events through her website.

Explanation: The boilerplate is a short bio and a few lines to indicate the credibility of the party issuing the press release. It also provides general means of contact.

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