A New Employee Announcement Sample, Templates, And Tips

A new employee announcement has become a standard way to help a new hire get off to a good start, introduce them to their colleagues, and show that a company is a welcoming and desirable place to work.

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If you need to make a new employee announcement, you may be unsure of what information you should include, how long it should be, and how to capture the right tone for this type of development.

A new employee announcement can also vary based on whether it will be an internal communication, a simple message shared on a company blog and social media, or a press release that officially announces a new hire in a way that leaves a positive impact on people outside your company.

The following sample, template, and tips can help you create a new employee announcement that’s suitable for your company and your marketplace.

A New Employee Announcement Sample For Inside Your Company

New employee announcements are one method of introducing a recent hire to their coworkers. This can foster a sense of camaraderie and encourage collaboration as the new employee takes on their role.

The following sample shows one way to do this:

A new member is joining our team!

Starting this Monday, Grace Tellers will be bringing her experience and talent to our IT department.

Grace’s robust knowledge of computing hardware management and her skill in implementing connectivity solutions have made her the right choice for our organization.

We encourage everyone to welcome Grace and introduce yourself in person as she settles in. Don’t forget to add her contact details to your individual directory indexes and take the time to wish her well as we complete the onboarding process.

New Employee Announcement Template

If you’re wondering how to apply your new employee details to an announcement for inside your company, the following template may be helpful.

Greetings [Company Name] Team,

Our organization is welcoming a new member!

Starting [ New Employee Start Date Or Day Of The Week], [New Employee Name] will be bringing [His/Her] skills to our [New Employee Department] as our newest [New Employee Role].

After consideration of many candidates, [New Employee Name] has been selected due to [His/Her] [New Employee Skills, Qualifications]. We are eager to see [Him/Her] excel as [He/She] takes on [Duties, Task, Responsibilities, Projects Of The New Employee Role].

We encourage all of you to welcome [New Employee Name] and take some time to introduce yourself as [He/She] gets settled in.

A New Employee Announcement For Outside Your Company

Sharing the news of an incoming employee with people outside your company can be a smart marketing move. It can raise the profile of your brand and foster a positive impression, especially when you can connect the news of an incoming employee with enhanced company capabilities and an improved customer experience.

A brief social media announcement or blog post can be created using the above template as a foundation. Based on the details of your company’s new hire, you can additional context that emphasizes how the choice of this new team member is emblematic of its growth, core mission, or other values.

Apart from social media and blog content, a new employee announcement often merits an official statement, such as a press release that explains the qualifications of a new hire and how they’ll factor into your organization’s progress and goals. This is especially common in the case of a higher-level employee, such as an executive or someone who might impact the company’s decisions and direction.

If you want to know how to write a press release that accomplishes this, a press release template can be a useful tool. Press release templates will show you how to collect the right information and apply it to a structure that fosters favorable impressions and company credibility.

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