If someone from your organization will be retiring, it’s customary to issue an announcement to share the news with colleagues and also wish the future retiree a happy departure. A retirement announcement is also a chance to recognize someone for the accomplishments they’ve made through their career and the contributions they’ve made to your company.

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The information to follow will help you create a retirement announcement that’s suitable for your departing employee and your organization. It will also provide guidance for crafting a retirement announcement that shares the news with your customers and your targeted markets.

Writing A Retirement Announcement For An Employee

Since an employee retirement announcement is an internal communication, there’s no single standard to follow. At their most general, they include the following:

  • A statement that the employee is retiring
  • The date the employee will be leaving the company
  • Some details on the employee’s role within the company and the ways they contributed
  • Any information regarding a celebration or other gesture from the company
  • Well wishes and encouragement for colleagues to share their appreciation with the future retiree and give them a fond farewell

Depending on the circumstances of the retirement and based on what your organization deems appropriate, this type of announcement can also include a quote from the retiree, a photo, and some information about what the they will be looking forward to as they set out to enjoy their retirement. However, any personal information should only be shared with the permission of the retiree and presented with professionalism and respect.

Issuing A Public Retirement Announcement For An Employee

In addition to internal announcements for colleagues, some companies choose to share the news of a retirement publicly. This is especially appropriate if the employee worked directly with customers. A public announcement gives these customers an opportunity to express their appreciation. If applicable, it’s also a chance to explain how the retirement will impact the direction of the company.

One method of issuing a public retirement announcement is through social media and professional networking sites. This type of announcement can simply be a statement congratulating and thanking the departing employee.

If the retirement will be a significant piece of news for people outside of your company, as in the case of a CEO or other key decision-maker’s retirement, it makes sense to issue the news so that it’s widely available and the impact can be thoroughly explained. A press release is a proven method for doing this.

Like a press release that announces a company merger or a press release that introduces a new hire, an employee’s retirement announcement press release is a chance to communicate the significance of the upcoming change, name a successor, and give an official account of what’s happening.

When you know how to write a press release, you can present the news of an employee retirement in a way that reinforces your organization’s values and shows that you appreciate the people who have contributed their talent and skills. This can create a favorable impression and also present your company as an attractive place to work.

To see how you can take a significant development in your company and turn it into an informative source of news for your marketplace, a press release template will show you the structure and tone to adopt.

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