A Sample Press Release For Events

You need to publicize an event that’s upcoming or recently took place. You want to get the word out to as many people as possible and maybe even attract media coverage. Issuing a press release for an event is one method of accomplishing these goals.

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A press release for an event is different from an invitation or event promotion. An event press release should frame the occasion as a noteworthy news item while generating interest among readers regardless of whether they’ll attend.

Since an event can also be a brand-boosting opportunity, a press release can be used to foster recognition and positive impressions in a marketplace, but this requires the right angle, which can be somewhat more involved than simply knowing how to write a press release.

Press release templates can be helpful in this endeavor, including specific templates and examples of event press releases. The sample below, along with the explanations below, can assist in the process of knowing what event details to include and why.

A Sample Of An Event Press Release

1. Burmen & Sloane brings a safety technology workshop to homeowners seeking the latest and most reliable peace-of-mind solutions. The family-owned insurance provider is proud to be hosting its Safer, Smarter Home Showcase, a free education and service demonstration event, which will be held this Labor Day weekend. Attendees can look forward to giveaways, games, learning panels, and opportunities to make their homes more safe and secure.

2. For more information on the Safer, Smarter Home Showcase and to download an event schedule, visit Burmen & Sloane’s website.

3. The Safer, Smarter Home Showcase will be held at the Smithfield Inn and Conference Center in Evansville, NC and will be open to all tricounty homeowners from Saturday, Sept 2nd through Monday, Sept 4th. Over the three-day event, attendees will be able to enjoy fun family activities and informative demonstrations of some of the latest home safety tech.

4. Some of the featured presenters will include Local News 8’s Bob Clifford, who will be spotlighting simple but effective things that homeowners can do to take charge of their own cyber security. Attendees will also have a chance to try out new home safety products, and enjoy food and drink from the most popular local eateries and food trucks. “We’re very excited to gather with our community and enable families to feel more empowered to make their homes safer,” said Burmen & Sloane event coordinator Judy Pilmen.

5. The Safer, Smarter Home Showcase will feature contests and raffles for a chance to win $10,000 worth of new home security equipment. The event will also provide attendees with a chance to sign up for a free consultation and safety analysis with a Burmen & Sloane security expert. For questions and additional information, contact Burmen & Sloane.

Sample Event Press Release Explanations

1. The Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph of an event press release includes the most basic and interesting information about the event, which is usually what it is and what it’s called, when it is, and why it’s a notable occasion. Where the event will take place can also be included if that’s a major factor, or those details can be saved for later on. This paragraph’s main purpose is to generate interest so that the target reader is eager to read on or follow the reader prompt and engage.

2. The Reader Prompt

The reader prompt tells the reader what they should do, which in the case of an event press release, might mean buying tickets or RSVPing through a landing page, which should be included as a URL or hyperlink.

3 & 4. The Detail Paragraphs

These paragraphs are dedicated to reporting on the additional details of the event. Anything that wasn’t attention-grabbing enough to lead the press release, but still important for adequately covering the topic should be discussed here. Any quotes from key players and stakeholders should be included here. These paragraphs can also spur engagement among those readers who have not yet followed the prompt.

5. The Closing Paragraph

The closing paragraph ends with a forward-looking conclusion and provides contact information that journalists and other readers can use if they want to request additional details.

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