You need to put the spotlight on an upcoming event. Using a press release to broadcast an occasion can be a great way to attract attendees or simply raise the profile of your brand by making headlines on news sites and media outlets.

So what’s the first step in learning how to write a press release for an upcoming or recent event? Resources like press release templates can provide you with a general idea of the structure and tone of this type of content.

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If you’re seeking a specific sample of an event press release, the following example may be helpful. This article will also offer tips for creating a high-quality event press release.

Event Press Release Sample

The following event press release sample includes a headline, summary, release, and boilerplate. These are the main components of a press release. Note the structure and length, as well as how it approaches the details of the event.

The occasion is the main topic and all of the essential details are included. The announcement is focused on what’s going to happen but also why it’s meaningful to its targeted readers, which in this example are local members of the community and the most likely attendees of the event.

Senior Fashion Hits The Runway To Benefit Local Shelter

The Season of Giving Fashion Show, hosted by Bonne Boutique, will bring runway glamor to Plainfield Senior Center. Men’s and women’s winter fashions will be modeled by local seniors for this charity event to support Nell Street Saviors.

To kick off the holiday shopping season and support vital humanitarian resources in its community, Bonne Boutique is hosting The Season of Giving Fashion Show and a clothing drive to benefit Nell Street Saviors, a crisis center and support shelter. On the evening of November 18, 2023, a complete line of new looks will be modeled by local seniors.

For a preview of the upcoming show and details on how to reserve tickets, visit Bonne Boutique’s website.

The Season of Giving fashion show will be held at the Plainfield Senior Center starting at 5 p.m. The show will feature formal, sport, and casual wear selected by the style-savvy Bonne Boutique staff. The ensembles will be modeled by members of the senior center. The event aims to bring out the best of the community’s glamour and generosity in service of a meaningful cause.

For Bonne Boutique, the chance to support Nell Street Saviors and drive donations was a powerful motivator. The local shelter has long served as a refuge during times of crisis and for individuals facing misfortune. As winter approaches, the need for coats, jackets, and various cold-weather outwear compounds the regular demand for useable clothing, shoes, and other necessities.

According to Bonne Boutique proprietor and head stylists, Evette Heller, “All of us at the boutique are so excited about this show. The only thing better than taking home a new outfit or two is having a charitable reason for doing it. We invite our community to see that our local seniors are real style icons and bring home something new to their winter wardrobe, while also making a donation of something that’s been sitting on a hanger or in a drawer.”

Tickets for the Season of Giving fashion show can be reserved in exchange for a minimum two-item clothing donation or monetary contribution. For additional details, call or email: e.heller@bonneboutique.

Boilerplate: For over 15 years, Bonne Boutique has been downtown Plainfield’s choice shop for classic wardrobe staples and the latest trends. With a vast selection of elegant and everyday essentials and personalized service, the boutique is a celebrated and proud part of its community.

Event Press Release Writing Tips

As you consider your approach to writing and issuing an event press release, the following tips may help you get started.

  • Consider the goal of your news, whether it’s drawing attendees or raising your brand’s profile after a notable event, and make sure the facts you share suit that specific goal.
  • Even if you want to sell tickets or promote a function, be objective as possible. Choose interesting facts that show your audience why this event is worth their attention instead of simply trying to generate hype.
  • Draw the reader in with the most interesting part of the event and make sure to focus on what makes it unique and why it matters, not just what is happening.
  • If your event press release is functioning as an invitation or event promo, take care to include the date, time, location, and whatever attendees need to know. You don’t need to lead with these details, but they should be readily available to the reader in the body of the release.
  • Issue your press release so that your desired attendees have enough time to make plans, but don’t issue it too far in advance that it might be forgotten about. You can also continue to link to the release on social media as the event gets closer.
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