When you need to source or quote a press release for an article, academic paper, or other content, it’s important to follow citation standards. These standards will vary based on specific publishing and style guides, such as the MLA or the Chicago Manual of Style

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APA Style is among the most common set of guidelines used by journalists, authors, and students when they need to cite a reference or include an in-text quote from various sources, including press releases.

The information to follow will explain APA Style guidelines for citing a press release on a works cited page or reference list, as well as how to properly include a quote in the body of your content.

APA Citation For A Press Release As A Reference

When you use information from a press release for any type of content, you’ll want to list it as a source on your works cited page or reference list. Per APA citation guidelines, you will need to collect the following information:

The publisher’s name – this is the company, organization, or individual issuing the press release

The publication date

The press release’s title or headline

The URL where the press release can be read or the name of the newspaper, magazine, or other publication, along with the issue number

Once you have this information collected, you will need to list it out and style the text according to APA guidelines:

1. The citation starts with the publisher or issuer’s name in plain text.

2. The date should follow, also in plain text but enclosed in parenthesis. Start with the year, followed by a comma, and then the month and date.

3. After the date, include the press release title. Make sure this text is in italics or enclosed in quotes.

4. Immediately after the title, include the text “Press Release” in plain text and enclose it in brackets. A period should follow the closing bracket.

5. The citation ends with the URL or the name of the print publication and issue. If you are including the name of a printed publication, it should be in italics. The issue number or the URL should be in plain text.

The full citation is all on one line. Here is an example from a press release that explains the development of a product:

Twin Creek Woodworking Supply (2022, Nov 8) Twin Creek Woodworking Supply Shares The Story Of Its Ever-Grip Bench Grippers [Press Release]. magoda.com

APA Citation For A Press Release In-Text Quote

In the process of using a press release as a reference, you may want to include a quote in the body of your content. The APA has in-text citation standards that will enable you to properly source a quote from a press release.

1. Any text taken directly from the release should be enclosed in quotes.

2. Immediately following the quote, the name of the issuing party or publisher, a comma, and the year of publication should be enclosed in parentheses.

The next example, taken from a press release that compares competing companies, shows how a quote from a press release would be included in content with an in-text citation.

“Too often, buyers are dealing with poor quality results, usually in the form of smudged printing and a lack of integrity. This can be avoided by choosing a company that uses superior equipment and the correct pairing of printing media—such as paint, latex, ink, and liquid polymers—with the blank product material.” (Persuasive Printing, 2022)

When a press release quote is used in text it should also be included on the reference list or works cited page. Press release templates and examples that show how to write a press release can be useful for practicing and applying both APA citation methods discussed above.

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