When buyers need to choose a product or service, they may spend a lot of time researching providers. Recommendations from friends and colleagues and positive reviews can make their decision much quicker and easier.

All companies want to be highly recommended and positively reviewed. Hence, they’re the top choice among similar providers, but more realistically, it takes work to build a case and consistently persuade customers away from the competition.


A competitor comparison release can explain why your company is the superior choice in a specific marketplace. Sharing this information will help your potential customers understand what sets your organization apart, which is useful when they need the solutions you and other companies offer.

A competitor comparison press release can also be effective for reaching readers who watch trends and report on what’s happening in your industry among its key players.

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What Should A Competitor Comparison Press Release Say?

Competitor services or price comparison releases will focus on what makes your company unique and why those attributes make it a better choice than a leading competitor.


This release will put your company in a favorable light, but it shouldn’t be excessively subjective or braggadocios. Instead, it should spell out proven reasons and how your company can deliver a better buying experience to a customer.

The focus can be on various aspects of your organization that make it competitive, whether it’s your selection of products, approach to customer service and order fulfillment, or additional capabilities that your competitors cannot offer.

.Why Write A Competitor Comparison Press Release?

  • Explain why your company is the superior choice in a specific marketplace.
  • Help your potential customers understand what sets your organization apart.
  • Build a case to persuade customers away from the competition.

Whatever specific advantages you name, the release should always be directed to your ideal audience, potential buyers. Catering the information to their points of view by focusing on the most valued solutions will make the release more impactful.

Creating A Competitor Comparison Press Release

A business comparison release will need to define your company’s name, website, and the page you wish to target. The targeted page should be the most relevant landing page to a competitive selling point or solution. A URL to the page and a brief message directing the reader to learn more should be added after the introductory paragraph.


The press release should specify the name of your company’s competitor, the type of business it is, and the familiar marketplace and customer type you’re competing for. In doing so, it will be necessary to emphasize what your buyers are looking for and the common problems or concerns that send them to the marketplace in search of a solution.

The release can explain how your company is relevant to closing the gap with a product, service, or capability by confronting these pain points. This is presented in the context of your company doing so better than the competitor you’ve named.

How To Create A Great Press Release

  • Give proven reasons and how your company can deliver a better buying experience.
  • Focused on the unique aspects of your organization that make it competitive.
  • Explain why your competitor’s customers should consider switching and what benefits they can expect.
The release should explain the common competitive element, whatever you and your competitor offer that gives buyers a choice. It should then explain why these buyers have and should choose your company instead of your competitor.

The release should also explain why your competitor’s customers should consider switching to your company and what benefits they can expect.

A quote from someone within your company that reinforces your message should be included. Their name and professional title should be added to the quote.

Need Answers Before Writing A Competitor Comparison Release

The purpose is to explain why the company is the better choice for customers in a specific marketplace.

Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a comparison release. By clicking on any of the questions below, you will see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious release located below the questions.

Competitor Comparison Press Release Sample From Questions

How To Write A Competitor Comparison Between Companies Press Release sample

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