How To Write A New Capability Press Release


When a company gets a new capability, it’s an excellent reason to reach out to current and potential customers and industry trend-watchers. Your company may have integrated new equipment, adopted a new system, or expanded its ability to serve customers. Sharing the details in a press release is a smart move.

This news can attract new buyers and gain the attention of more markets, but it also shows that your company is making significant investments in its operations, which sends the right message about your brand.

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What Should A New Capability Press Release Say?

A new release primarily focuses on the significance of the capability—not only through what it entails but also its projected impact. The goal is to make your target audience excited about the development, which is done by emphasizing what this enhancement ultimately means for your customers.

If this capability is especially relevant to a particular marketplace or customer type, it’s beneficial to cater the release to that audience. If the ability offers broader advantages, such as increasing your company’s order fulfillment speed, the release can be more comprehensive in scope.

Why Write A New Capability Press Release?

  • Can attract new buyers and gain the attention of more markets
  • Shows that your company is making significant investments in its operations
  • Make your target audience excited about the development

The release should name and examine some of the features if the new capability were realized through integrating new equipment or systems. By establishing a clear cause and effect, quality and benefit relationship, your readers can grasp the significance of the development.

Creating A New Capability Press Release

When creating a release, some foundational information needs to be defined before the capability is discussed in detail. This includes your company’s name, website, and targeted page.
When choosing a targeted page for a new capability, it’s best to use a landing page dedicated to the capability or most relevant to its effects. This could be a content page spotlighting new equipment or the landing page for a product or service that will be enhanced because of the update.
A targeted page is typically presented after the introductory paragraph. It can be a standalone statement that invites the reader to learn more, followed by the page’s URL.

Tips To Make A New Capability Press Release Great

  • Name some of the specific ripple effects of the new capability and what it will now enable your company to do
  • Explain how the new capability will amount to a better experience for your customers
  • Include some details on why your company decided to adopt this particular capability

The capability should also be introduced early on, along with the specific equipment, system, or qualification that makes it feasible. Key features and attributes can be explored.

The reasons why your company chose to adopt this capability are essential for the release. The motivations that led to invested time, capital, and effort will speak to your overall mission.

The ripple effects of the new capability will help create more context for the reader and generate excitement for what the future will bring. Your company will now be able to do something it couldn’t do before, leading to new possibilities worth exploring.

The release should define when the capability became or is due to be active. This will let prospective customers know when they can start expecting benefits.

A quote from someone within your company, whether a general representative or someone directly related to the decision behind the capability or its implementation, should be included. Their name and professional title should be provided.

Need Answers Before Writing A New Capability Press Release

This release aims to publicize a new capability or capacity that enables the company to expand what it offers or can do. Below are questions that need to be answered and placed in a document for a person to write a release.

By clicking on any of the questions below, you'll see sample answers for each. These answers were used in a fictitious press release located below the questions.

Sample New Capability Press Release Based Off Of Questions

How To Write A New Capability Press Release sample

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