Whether it’s a ribbon-cutting on its very first brick-and-mortar store or the opening of a new franchise or satellite location, a business’ grand opening is an important event. Making an official grand opening announcement can help draw customers and recognition, and attract attention that can lead to a positive and lasting impact.

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Issuing a grand opening announcement is a smart idea, but deciding on the type of announcement can be tricky. There are many options for sharing this news, which can range from simple flyers, email blasts, online or newspaper advertisements, or a media announcement that’s similar to a press release for a product launch.

Before you choose a type of grand opening announcement you should create, take some time to consider your goals for this event, whom you’d most like to reach, and how you would like that audience to respond. These specifics will factor into which type of announcement will be most effective and what it should include.

For example, a grand opening for a brick-and-mortar store to be run by a local business owner can be announced through flyers posted throughout the community and in advertisements through the local media, including newspapers, neighborhood directories, and news stations.

Larger grand openings, or those that are meant to be more ceremonial, exclusive, or are at properties that don’t serve customers in person, can still call for a special announcement that raises the profile of the brand and fosters a positive impression.

This type of grand opening announcement can be made through social media, online video, or other types of branded content. Since encouraging local attendance is less of a priority, the grand opening announcement should aim for broader reach and recognition across the internet.

A press release can be a reliable method for getting a grand opening announcement into online news headlines. Because of its potential for reach, treating this type of announcement as a news item, not unlike a media announcement that tells a product origin story, can be highly effective as marketing content.

Using A Press Release As A Grand Opening Announcement

Press releases are a great option for sharing the news of a grand opening. They can be considered a type of invitation, but more than that, they are similar to a journalistic article that tells the story behind this important occasion and also gives potential customers notice that good things are coming.

If you know how to write a press release, you’ll simply want to treat the grand opening as an important development. This is accomplished by focusing on key journalistic questions, including:

  • What is the business, company, or location that will be opening?
  • When will the grand opening officially take place?
  • Where is the grand opening set to occur?
  • Who made this grand opening possible and who stands to benefit from the products or services that the business offers?
  • How did this grand opening come to be realized?
  • Why is this grand opening worth paying attention to?

Once you have these and other details determined, you can use any number of press release templates to see how key information should be applied to the correct structure, as well as how to adopt a trustworthy, objective tone that still boosts interest and engagement.

Tips For Writing A Grand Opening Announcement

These additional grand opening announcement tips can be applied to press releases and other types of content.

  • Tell a story with the announcement by giving some background on what led up to this momentous development.
  • Include some details on what the grand opening will consist of, whether it’s a party, a new customer discount, giveaways, or an actual ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  • Add quotes from meaningful voices related to the grand opening, such as the business founder, new location manager, a member of the local chamber of commerce, etc.
  • Make sure to leave the reader with the sense of a new beginning and that the best is yet to come by discussing what the business will offer once its doors are officially open.
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