You need to write a press release to promote your music. It’s one thing to know how to write a press release that shares the news of a standard development, like a media release that discusses a new capability, new technology launch, or other business news, but publicizing music isn’t always straightforward.

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Writing a press release for your music requires the right approach. You want to generate excitement among potential listeners and future fans, but you want to represent your music so that it’s taken seriously and your content doesn’t come across like just another promo.

The following tips will help you make the most of the opportunity a press release provides and also help you avoid common mistakes that could limit your release’s impact among your most desired audience.

Tips To Write A Press Release For Your Music

Before you attempt to write a music press release, make sure you’re aware of basic press release criteria. These standards can be seen in any number of press release templates and generally include:

  • Between 300 and 500 words in length in addition to a short and accurate but attention-grabbing headline, a summary, and a brief boilerplate
  • Written in the third-person, objective style, as though the topic is being covered by a professional journalist
  • Answers the main journalistic questions of who, what, where, when, and why behind the topic
  • Leads with the most compelling and informative information
  • Includes a link and prompt that tells readers how to engage and learn more
  • Includes a relevant quote from someone who is meaningfully connected to the topic
  • Focused on a single development and in a way that’s more Informative than promotional

Apart from these best practices, a music press release should cover details that will prime the reader to become a listener, fan, ticket buyer, or whatever your most desired response is.

Consider following music press release ideas and angles to generate interest and more meaningful engagement:

  • Tell the story behind your latest album, song, or your decision to start making music.
  • Tell readers about the latest way they can engage with your music, such as through a new digital playlist, music video, live appearance, or physical media release.
  • Coordinate the release with an event related to your music and make that the focus, such as a live performance, which can be written like an event press release, or a local radio station or podcast interview, which can be written as a guest appearance press release.
  • Focus on some recent positive reviews and discuss consistent attributes about your music that are gaining attention among a listener demographic.
  • Give context to your music that will intrigue your target audience by discussing your influences within your genre, focusing on what’s new or experimental about it, or explaining your creative process.

Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Press Release For Your Music

While writing a press release for your music, what you leave out can be just as important as what you leave in. Make sure to avoid these common press release mistakes as you get the word out about your music.

  • Avoid hyping or making subjective claims about your music. Instead, focus on information that can be verified. Quoting genuine reviews that state positive opinions about your music is fine, but make sure to correctly credit the speaker and source.
  • Don’t misrepresent or include any information that’s inaccurate or outright false, such as fake quotes, inflated album sales, or other details that are untrue. While it might be tempting, this can hurt your legitimacy.
  • Don’t publish your press release without performing a thorough error and fact check. In addition to using digital writing tools, ask someone you trust to read the release and ensure that it’s clear and compelling.
  • Avoid excessive use of slang, jargon, or an overly casual tone even if it’s the way your fans communicate. When you keep the style straightforward and professional, your press release will be more credible and will suit marketing purposes in the long term, rather than sounding unprofessional and eventually outdated.
  • Don’t limit your distribution to save money or use a bargain publisher. When you issue your music press release through a quality distribution service, you’ll have broader access to news sites and media outlets with sufficient traffic, which will maximize its impact.
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