How To Write A Great Press Release

Media professionals skim through countless press releases looking for interesting gems worth reporting on. A great press release jumps out of the crowd of boring or poorly conceived announcements.

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This does not happen without applying proven strategies. Your most important tactic for getting attention relies on newsworthiness.

Newsworthiness comes from being relevant at the time and presenting information that intrigues your audience. The qualities of novelty, rarity, or conflict have the power to arose interest.

News about a prominent figure or innovative service that disrupts an industry would qualify as well. Although it can be challenging, you must frame your news in a way that makes it compelling.

As you consider your options, ask questions like is this idea unexpected or unusual? If you need to reach people outside your industry, find the reason that could make them care about your news.

A news angle that makes readers want to know more once they see the headline benefits your organization with goodwill and more revenue. Media outlets will pick up the story and spread your news. More people will become aware of what you do and form a positive opinion of your company.

Ideally, you can identify newsworthy reasons to issue press releases at regular intervals throughout the year. This deepens recognition of your brand among readers and positions you as a credible source of information in your industry.

After finding a newsworthy topic, a great press release must adhere to accepted standards for media communications. This means using objective, third-person language and following the rules for Associated Press (AP) style.

What Should A Great Press Release Say?

Regardless of the topic, a great press release states things clearly. It follows basic journalistic formula of leading with your main point and then supporting it with more facts in the remaining paragraphs.

To achieve this, find the most newsworthy element of your announcement and focus on how it matters to readers. For example, a new product release might matter to consumers because it’s cheaper, better, or solving a problem that has not had a solution before.

A great press release might pick up on a trend related to your business or nonprofit mission. For example, you might tie in a bicycle manufacturing company to news about more cities funding bike lanes.

If citing a trend, always back it up with concrete facts. In the bike lanes example, you would need statistics about new bike lanes.

Similar to the trend angle, you might be in a position to comment on news currently making headlines. A nonprofit starting a fund drive to help people pay rent could craft a great press release that comments on news about rising rents across the country.

However you approach your newsworthy angle, your goal will be to show that your organization possesses expertise. This could gradually develop your company into a preferred source when reporters need expert quotes about your industry.

Overall, a great press release puts the needs of the audience first. You must avoid talking about your company like you’re in a company meeting. Need some help, we have press release templates that can help guide you.

Your internal jargon may not resonate with readers. Use plain language or explain industry-specific terms so that people can understand what you do.

Frame your content so that it appeals to your audience. Your message should promote how the company serves its customers or community.

As your organizational sources develop quotes for you, ask them to provide insights. They don’t need to repeat facts that you can write out. A quote needs to help readers understand what the facts mean to them.

Creating A Great Press Release

Aside from the facts that you need to put in your press release, gather supplemental materials. A great press release includes access to multimedia elements that help tell your story.

Multimedia files are pictures, videos, or audio files relevant to your news. An audio file could be the source quoted in your press release giving an interview on a podcast. Pictures could be headshots of executives, product images, or infographics containing facts from your news release.

You can host these multimedia files on your website server and link to them from your press release. Multimedia files that accompany your press release supercharge its appeal to the media.

The addition of multimedia resources gives the media more to work with. This means you have more chances to get mentioned in the news.

Multimedia, however, is helpful only after you get someone to look at your news. Your key to winning the attention lottery is an intriguing headline.

All of your success relies on a strong headline. Use active language to convey a sense of importance and novelty.

Knowing your audience’s needs and preferences supports good headline writing. Use keywords and phrases that reflect your target audience’s problems and interests.

You’ll also need to write a summary that previews what your press release is fully about. This is a one or two-sentence statement intended to maintain curiosity and make reading the whole press release irresistible.

The first paragraph of the actual press release will explain exactly the news that you’re trying to spread. Clearly state the newsworthy element and what it means to the audience.

As you write more of the press release, insert quotes from your organization’s leaders or experts. These quotes provide more details and may convey your company’s excitement about what is happening.

In conclusion, invite readers to learn more. You could refer them to your multimedia files or ask them to contact someone at your organization if appropriate.

A boilerplate statement goes at the end of the press release content. Your boilerplate identifies the organization, states its location, and highlights its accomplishments and overall purpose.

Why Write A Great Press Release?

  • Establish your company as an expert in its industry
  • Develop your organization’s brand by maintaining a steady presence in the media
  • Reach new people and thereby expand your business

Tips For Writing A Great Press Release

  • Find a newsworthy topic that interests your target audience
  • Develop multimedia files to go with the written content
  • Keep the content under 500 words
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