Your company is changing locations and you need to get the word out to current and future customers. Issuing an official business moving announcement is one way to share this information.

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A business moving announcement can be issued through multiple channels, including email blasts, social media, and direct mail advertisements. But instead of treating it as little more than a change of address notification, it can be a potential marketing opportunity.

As your business moves from one location to another, it’s a chance for it to be discovered by new buyers and offer appreciation and assurance to your existing marketplace.

With any piece of company news, the way you choose to share it can foster positive impressions, which can have a lasting impact. This article will explore different ways to do that.

What To Include In A Business Moving Announcement

A business moving announcement should specify the new location and the official date of the relocation at a minimum. Additional details to include are the former address, branding, and graphics, including the company logo and image of the new building or facility.

You may also want to include anything notable about the decision to relocate, such as new capabilities or job openings in at the new location.

Depending on how you intend to make the announcement, there are many options for generating interest in your marketplace. Here are just a few ideas:

  • A video tour of the new space can be a great addition to your company’s social media pages.
  • Collecting quotes from your employees about what they like most about their new workplace and then sharing them can be effective for generating positive impressions while also spotlighting your team.
  • A new location can be an opportunity to offer a celebratory coupon or discount code, which can attract new buyers and encourage more sales from existing customers.

Using A Press Release For A Business Moving Announcement

If you want to make headlines with your business relocation, a simple to encourage that is through a business moving announcement press release.

Like the announcement of a company merger or a media release that explains a product upgrade, a relocation press release is a chance to communicate important information with a targeted marketplace. When issued through a capable distribution network, it’s possible to have your release featured on popular news sites and online media outlets.

If you don’t know how to write a press release, you can still create a business moving announcement by applying details to a press release template.

The following tips will also help you make the details of your upcoming move more relevant to your marketplace:

  • Lead with the most important information about the move, including when it will occur and the details of the new location.
  • Focus on any improvements that will result from the move, especially those that directly impact the experience of the customers, whether it’s additional parking, larger inventory space, a new showroom or waiting area, etc.
  • If possible, explain the motivation or reasons behind the move, especially if they are positive, such as the need to expand physical space to support growth and new capabilities.
  • Maintain an objective and informative tone, as though you are playing the role of a journalist writing an article on your company’s upcoming move.
  • Inform current customers and business associates of any changes that will affect your operations or any aspect of your business, such as its contact information or customer service hours.
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