Media Advisory Examples And Purposes

If there’s an important occasion coming up and you want to attract the public’s attention to it, then you likely want to invite the media to cover your event. A media advisory is used for this purpose.

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Media advisories help journalists, reporters, and media editors determine whether an upcoming development merits attention. It also gives them key information that enables them to prepare coverage and attend your event as a member of the press.

Although they are typically issued by public relations firms on behalf of a company, you can use online media wires and direction submission methods to alert the press to your coverage opportunity.

This article will take a close look at how media advisories are used, how they differ from content like press releases, and also provide some examples.

How A Media Advisory Is Used

A media advisory is a standard document to include in media kits. These kits include a series of resources to benefit reporters, such as fact sheets, media advisories, and press releases.

A media advisory is sometimes confused with a press release, but they are used for different purposes. The confusion can be furthered when a topic merits a press release and a media advisory.

For example, a press release that covers a special guest appearance, company showcase, or product unveiling can be accompanied by a media advisory. This is because a media advisory invites journalists to attend or engage with a key development as it’s happening so they can create their own reports. A press release is an official account coming from a direct source, which can be an individual or organization.

In another instance, a press release that explains a product origin story, addresses a company reputation, or another development that has either already occurred or is not ongoing would usually not merit a media advisory.

In general, if a journalist has the option to attend and ask questions—whether in person or virtually—then a media advisory would be used to alert them of the opportunity.

If your goal is to share official information or issue a statement that you want to appear in news headlines, then a press release is the better option for attracting attention.

Just as you can create your own media advisory, you can learn how to write a press release and issue it through online distribution methods. For examples and guidance on how to do this, press release templates are helpful resources.

Media Advisory Examples

The following examples show how media advisories organize information in a way that makes it efficient for journalists to decide if the development is coverage-worthy and then make the necessary preparations.

Media advisories are issued on official letterhead with a logo, contact information, date, and company background information or boilerplate. These examples are the portion of the advisory that shares information regarding the development, which are the headline, who, what, where, when, and why, and additional details or background info.

Media Advisory Example 1

Headline: New Plastic Recycling Method To Be Revealed

What: Ace Polymers will be demonstrating a new plastic recycling method at an upcoming manufacturing convention.

Why: Ace Polymers is continuously seeking realistic and reliable ways to manage waste materials and development solutions that will make the future sustainable.

When: December 1st through December 3rd, 2023

Where: Harrisonville Convention Center, Booth 245

Who: Head of Equipment Development, Yvonne Diaz, who will demonstrate and explain the recycling method at the Ace Polymers booth

Background: Since 1975, Ace Polymers has been developing and manufacturing plastics to meet the needs of the modern world while also constantly evolving to ensure that its products are sustainable and therefore useful.

Media Advisory Example 2

Headline: Medical Technology Forum To Address Questions On Patient Privacy

What: Easton Health will be hosting a conference to address patient privacy and cybersecurity safeguards that are integrated into its upcoming health monitoring and remote medical care app.

Why: Easton Health is striving to address the rapidly moving merger of technology and medical care and ensure its customers are fully informed on issues of privacy and security related to their healthcare in the digital space.

When: November 27th, 2023

Where: Easton Health Headquarters

Who: Easton Health VP of Customer Relations, Kim Sheron

Background: Easton Health Inc. is a technology and software developer that specializes in instant communication and data connectivity solutions for the medical industry.

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