Your organization has hired a new employee. When you share this news, many benefits can follow.

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For the people within your company, a new hire announcement will help your team get better acquainted and make your incoming employee feel welcomed and valued. This fosters a positive company culture and collaboration.

For people outside of your company, a new employee announcement is an opportunity to show that your organization is growing and is an attractive place to work. It’s also a chance to reaffirm what your company values as it serves its marketplace.

While the merits of issuing a new employee announcement are not difficult to see, knowing how to make the announcement can be a little less apparent. There are many options for sharing this news and the most appropriate choice is going to vary by the organization and the intended audience.

The new employee announcement examples to follow may help make this choice a little easier. They include options for introducing an incoming employee to their future colleagues and sharing the news publicly.

A New Employee Announcement Example For Your Company

A new employee announcement that’s intended for members of your organization can be as formal or casual as your company chooses. The most important thing is to inform your team of the new addition, introduce the new employee, and provide essential information to encourage camaraderie and cooperation.

Here is an example of such an announcement:

Hi Team,

This Wednesday, our new graphic designer, Erin Reston will officially join our marketing team.

Erin has over eight years of experience as a graphic designer. After reviewing her qualifications, her impressive portfolio, and discussing our goals over several interviews, we have selected her as our top-choice candidate.

Erin is eager to get started. We encourage everyone to stop by the marketing department to welcome her and introduce yourself.


Jason Wheaton

Assistant Director Human Resources

A New Employee Announcement Example For Your Marketplace

Variations on the above example can be used for a new employee announcement that’s intended to be read by people outside of your company.

Instead of structuring the announcement like an email, it can be a brief paragraph or two, which will suit a social media post or addition to your company website. You may want to omit internal details, such as the specific projects the new hire will be taking on, and instead emphasize the skills they’ll bring to the company and why that matters to your customers.

Here is an example of a new employee announcement that’s meant to be read by current and potential customers:

Davis & Kingston Inc. is excited to welcome our latest employee to our dedicated team.

Erin Reston, an accomplished graphic designer will be bringing her skills to our exceptional marketing team. Ms. Reston’s experience, impressive qualifications, and passion for great design have made her a standout choice among so many talented applicants.

Davis & Kingston Inc. is proud to continue serving our clients through a growing team of talented individuals. We know that Ms. Reston will be an excellent fit for our organization.

A statement like the example above can also work for brief online videos, which are a quick way to build and diversify the content on your company’s blog and social networking pages.

If you really want to turn a new employee announcement into a marketing opportunity, and for relatively little time and expense, you may want to issue a new hire press release.

A press release that announces a new employee is very similar to the example statement above but somewhat more in-depth. It also approaches the news objectively, not unlike a journalist following your company would report on the development.

Learning how to write a press release is not as difficult a task as you might think, and it’s well worth doing when you want news like an incoming employee to appear among headlines on news sites and online media outlets.

If you feel intimidated by the idea of creating a media announcement that meets modern journalistic standards, consider using a press release template. This tool can give you a clear understanding of a press release’s structure and will show you how your company’s information can be organized and applied to this type of content.

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