New Hire Announcement Examples For Your Company And Its Customers

After your company has completed the tough process of choosing the best possible candidate for a job role, a new hire announcement is a standard method for sharing the news with your team.

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New hire announcements introduce an incoming employee to their new colleagues and foster a positive reception. Since there’s no second chance to make a first impression, a well-crafted new hire announcement can help encourage a great start for your new team member.

A new hire announcement is also effective for showing your company’s growth to your customers, marketplace, and other prospective talent. This type of positive development is a chance to reach out and focus on the people behind your company’s capabilities and offerings.

People inside and outside of your company will have different reasons to care about a new hire. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you’re creating an announcement that’s suitable for each audience.

A New Hire Announcement Example For Fellow Employees

An internal new hire announcement is meant for the people who will be interacting with the incoming employee. It can be company-wide or limited to people within the new employee’s department or team.

Ideally, it will include the following:

  • Basic information about the new employee, including their name, new role or title, start date, and some of their basic duties or qualifications
  • A few reasons why the new employee was chosen for the role to make them feel valued
  • Encouragement for the current team to welcome the new employee

Internal New Announcement Example:

We’re so excited to announce that this upcoming Monday, August 7th, our new junior digital engineer, Sarah Channing, will begin her first day.

We’re eager to see Sarah bring her energy, intelligence, and the skills she acquired as a recent graduate of Oregon State University to our current and future projects. Her impressive work as a student and testimonials from her professors made her the clear choice for our company.

Sarah will be starting by assisting with the documentation process as we move into the initial assembly stages of the H180 C-Unit. She will also be shadowing all members of the engineering team to gain a sense of our operations and collaborative processes.

We know all of you will offer Sarah your support and the benefits of your experience as she gets settled in.

To help celebrate Sarah’s first week, we look forward to seeing everyone at a welcome-aboard breakfast in the first-floor conference room on Friday the 11th at 9:30. But please be sure to stop by the engineering dept. and introduce yourself before then.

A New Hire Announcement Meant For Customers

A new hire announcement that’s meant for people outside of your company should also introduce the new employee but through a perspective that will be meaningful to your marketplace.

If you are familiar with how to write a press release, this type of new hire announcement will be very similar. Instead of simply providing information about the incoming employee, the announcement should focus on why your company’s growing team is meaningful to its ability to provide solutions.

While issuing a new employee press release is an excellent method for sharing a new hire announcement—especially if you want to use this news as a marketing opportunity—it’s not the only option.

The following example might be posted on your company’s website or blog.

External New Announcement Example:

TX Enterprises provides solutions, but we wouldn’t be able to do that without a team of talented innovators and problem-solvers. We’re proud to announce that this team is growing.

Recent Oregon State University graduate, Sarah Channing is our new junior digital engineer. Her standout academic accomplishments, technical skills, and high-energy drive will make her a true asset in our mission to realize exceptional equipment interfaces and design.

After surpassing many other high-achieving applicants, Sarah is ready to hit the ground running with our expert engineering team. Everyone at TX Enterprises is eager to welcome her and start working together to deliver the unbeatable solutions that our customers choose every day.

You can also create posts or videos for social media that serve as a brief profile or spotlight of the new employee.

Whatever content you create needn’t follow the format or tone that’s shown in press release templates, but it should keep the interests of the reader in mind by focusing on what a new employee means for your customers.

Here are a few ways to make your new hire announcement more impactful:

  • Focus on the fact that your company is adding capable individuals to its team
  • Share what your organization values in its employees and how this contributes to its capabilities
  • Show that your company is a great place to work and is actively attracting new talent
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