New Hire Press Release Writing Tips

It’s time to spread the news that your company has hired a new employee. Doing so strategically can deliver some powerful benefits, including making your new team member feel valued and broadcasting that your company is growing and attracting new talent.

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But to gain these benefits, a new hire press release needs to focus on the right things. It’s a mistake to approach this type of content as just another new employee announcement.

Instead, this press release should be treated as an opportunity to communicate with your marketplace, as well as influential people who follow your industry. It’s all a matter of framing your company’s news in a way that shows how it will impact its ability to deliver solutions.

These tips will help you create and issue a new employee press release that’s more likely to get people talking and help your brand become recognized for its progress and its potential.

Make A New Hire Press Release Compelling

While hiring a new employee might be an interesting development within your company, people outside of your organization may not take notice or care—unless you give them a reason.

This is well worth doing. Generating interest in your company’s happenings is a smart way to market its solutions and build positive familiarity with its brand.

That’s why a new hire press release needs to include information that will be compelling to people outside your company. It should provide all of the details of a conventional new employee announcement, but it should also help your customers make the connection between the growth of your company’s team and a positive, one-of-a-kind buying experience.

Tips For Writing A New Hire Press Release

Best practices and standards for how to write a press release can be applied to the specific case of announcing a new employee.

Additionally, standard press release templates can be very helpful in determining what information needs to be explained, as well as how to write in the compelling but objective tone that makes a press release trustworthy.

As you organize the details needed to write a new employee press release keep the following tips in mind:

  • Explain What Set Your New Hire Apart – Provide some background on why the new hire was chosen and the standout factors that made them the chosen candidate. This is a chance to emphasize what your company values, which can create a positive impression and also attract future job applications with exceptional skills.
  • Create A Warm Welcome For A New Beginning – Collect information from other members of your team and focus on why they’re eager to work with their new colleague. This puts the emphasis on your organization as a collaborative and effective team.
  • Show What It Means For Your Customers – If your new employee will be working directly with your customers or creating solutions for them, explain how their efforts will contribute to an even better buying experience.
  • Make Your New Team Member Feel Valued – Focus on your new employee’s special skills as well as their standard qualifications and credentials. This shows that your organization values individual talent and its workers as people, which reflects positively on your brand.
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