Rebrand Announcement Examples And Tips For Sharing

You need to let your market know that your company is rebranding. You want to make sure this news reaches as many people as possible and that it generates interest and excitement.

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This means you need a rebrand announcement that will be impactful and informative. Creating and publishing such an announcement can be difficult, especially if you don’t know the best practices for doing so.

To give you a starting point, this article will provide some brief rebrand announcement examples and give you tips on how to share this important piece of news.

Rebrand Announcement Examples

The following examples show a simple foundation for announcing a rebrand. They can be modified and expanded to suit the specifics of your rebranding strategy and marketplace, but just remember to keep them focused.

Rebrand Announcement Example 1:

Old Corp is becoming New Corp.

In the coming weeks, you’ll discover a whole new series of solutions from the same team you’ve come to trust.

Visit our website and follow us to see what’s new. We think you’ll like it.

Rebrand Announcement Example 2:

Change is good. That’s why after eight years of proudly serving you as A. T. & Love, we are starting a new chapter and a new journey as ATxeption.

Our commitment to excellence in all we deliver remains a constant, even as we respond to the changing demands of our customers.

For a preview of our new services and to see our new look as ATxeption, visit our website.

Rebrand Announcement Example 3:

Our growth became an evolution, and today, Talon International emerges as Falcon.

To our loyal customers, we’re still offering the expert services and peace of mind we’ve always worked to deliver. We know you have lots of questions and we’re here to provide all of the answers and support you need.

Let us introduce you to the exciting and innovative solutions that have merited a whole new beginning. Visit our website to learn more.

Where And How To Share A Rebrand Announcement

A rebrand announcement should be shared across all platforms your company has access to. You want to reach as many people as possible and you want to make sure you’re doing so in a way that will appeal to your targeted audience.

But you also want to be strategic with how and where you share the announcement. For example, a social media post or customer email is not the best way to share all of the details of what will change or explain the story behind this rebranding decision.

This is why you want to create content that makes a simple rebrand announcement but also serves as a link point to a more detailed and informative resource.

In customer emails, social media posts, company videos, blog posts, and ads, limit your rebrand announcement to the following:

  • A statement that your company is rebranding
  • The name change, if applicable
  • The new logo or other image that visually communicates the rebrand
  • A simple statement or two that emphasizes the importance of the change and generates interest
  • Any need-to-know information for customers, such as what they should do to update their account or a change of any contact information
  • A link to content that provides more details or prompts action

On your company website and in a press release, you can then explain the details behind the rebrand and inform customers what they need to know, especially those who might be relying on services and products that will be phased out or changing with the rebrand.

There are special advantages to issuing a rebrand announcement as a press release. In addition to having your announcement featured alongside headlines in major online news sites, a press release enables you to share details that can’t be efficiently covered in a social media post or email.

If you know how to write a press release, then you will approach the rebrand like any other company news item.

If you’re unsure of how to write this type of announcement, a press release template will show you everything you need to know about the tone, content, and structure.

For more specific examples, a template for a discontinued product press release or a press release for a product upgrade can both be useful foundations. These press release examples show methods for informing customers of a significant change to your business, and in a way that fosters confidence and trust.

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