Rebranding Announcement Examples And Writing Tips

Your company has decided that it’s going to make some changes. This might mean a new series of products or services, a venture in a new marketplace, or a complete change of its name, logo, and other specifics that comprise its brand.

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Rebranding can be exciting, but it can also be risky. Ideally, it will only attract more customers and energize those who have relied on your company up to this point.

Often, one of the most make-or-break factors in a successful rebranding is an announcement that primes a targeted marketplace and generates excitement.

Like a press release that announces a new product upgrade or a media announcement that explains a new capability, a rebranding announcement is an opportunity to help a market understand what has changed and what it means to them.

What Is A Rebranding Announcement?

A rebranding announcement is conventionally a press release that provides notice of the rebrand and gives the most essential details to people who are most likely to be interested, which is usually current customers and potential buyers.

But a press release is not a requirement for announcing a rebrand. It can be done through a video, social media post, and just about any other type of content.

While there’s no single, perfect way to issue a rebranding announcement, here are some key details you may want to include to make your content informative and engaging:

  • The old brand name and the new brand name
  • What the rebrand will mean and what will be different
  • The motivation behind the rebrand
  • What, if anything, will remain the same
  • What customers can look forward to
  • A quote from someone within the company that explains the significance of the rebrand
  • The company mission and its goals for launching the new brand
  • Where people can learn more

Examples Of A Rebranding Announcement

Regardless of how you plan to share this news, a basic understanding of how to write a press release will be helpful. If this type of content is new to you, a press release template can provide a useful starting point.

Using an objective, journalistic tone with content that’s focused on the interests of the market will make the announcement more credible and also more interesting.

Depending on how and where your company intends to share its rebranding announcement, it can be written from an external point of view, as is conventional in press releases, or an internal point of view, which is common for social media posts and company-branded content.

Here are brief examples that show both approaches.

Example 1: Parish & Cody Bottling Becomes P&C Glass

Parish & Cody Bottling Is Becoming P&C Glass

After 60 years as a legacy beverage manufacturer and distributor to the Midwest, we are proud to announce our team at Parish & Cody Bottling will broaden our services and offer distribution throughout the United States. And as we launch into this new era, we will be rebranding as P&C Glass.

We will continue to offer complete bottling and distribution services to medium and large companies, but now our capabilities will also accommodate small craft brewers and startups, and with nationwide fulfillment.

Our customers can rely on dedicated customer service and consistent excellence just as we’ve always delivered as Parish & Cody Bottling.

Our company’s mission to deliver small business integrity with big business capabilities will carry on as we reach new milestones of sustainability, speed, and quality.

For more information, visit

Example 2: Haleson Manufacturing Becomes Exceptional Industrial Inc.

Haleson Manufacturing Is Now Exceptional Industrial Inc.

Haleson Manufacturing will now be known as Exceptional Industrial Inc., an evolution in technology-driven prototyping and production.

“To continue rising to the challenges of modern manufacturing, while maintaining a decades-long commitment to quality, we’re excited to begin a new era as Exceptional Industrial Inc.,” said VP of Sales and Marketing, Betty Simmingson.

Through the newly rebranded Exceptional Industrial Inc., clients will still have access to complete custom manufacturing, prototyping, and product design services, as well as a range of enhanced resources that are furthered by more advanced automation and digitally integrated technologies.

For more information on Exceptional Industrial Inc. and its growing capabilities, visit,

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