Releasing A New Hire Announcement

A company that takes on a new hire is a company that’s growing. It’s also improving its potential to serve its customers and deliver solutions to a marketplace.

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This is why hiring a new employee is a development that’s worth sharing, and not only with people who make up your organization, but also with people who follow your industry.

A new hire announcement is important for introducing a new employee to their team and making them feel welcome in their new role. These announcements can take many forms and be shared in multiple ways.

To make sure this news does the job of getting a new hire off to the right start, while also fostering positive impressions of your company, it helps to learn some tips and methods for writing and sharing this type of announcement.

What’s In A New Hire Announcement?

A new hire announcement includes some standard information that allows people to get acquainted with their new team member and learn what they’ll be bringing to their new role.

Some of the details include:

  • The new hire’s first, last, and preferred name
  • The role they’ll fill
  • When they start the job
  • What department they’re joining
  • An overview of their qualifications and skills
  • Any certifications or special credentials they hold

For even more impact, the new hire’s photo and a quote from them and the people in their department can make the announcement more unique. These press release templates provide many useful examples and demonstrate how to showcase a new hire in a media release.

How To Share A New Hire Announcement

A new hire announcement can be shared through a variety of channels, including as a spotlight on social media, a company-wide email blast, or a new employee press release for digital news distribution. The most appropriate and effective method for sharing the announcement, depends on the intended audience.

The intended audience of the announcement is also a factor in what information should be included and how it should be presented. For an internal announcement that’s meant only for the new hire’s coworkers and colleagues, a department or company-wide email is usually sufficient.

Internal announcements of a new hire can include details that might be more personal, or at least unique, such as the new employee’s hobbies, favorite sports teams, movies or foods, or any information that might help them connect with coworkers. This should only be done with the permission of the incoming employee.

New hire announcements published online should lean more towards a professional tone. If you know how to write a press release or similar content, you’ll know exactly how to present the news of this development in an effective way.

If you are unfamiliar with writing this type of announcement, the following tips will be helpful for achieving a compelling result that appeals to people outside of the company:

  • Lead by focusing on the fact that the company is growing its team
  • Focus on how the new hire will be a valued member of the company and the positive attributes that made them the best choice for the job
  • Put any of the new hire’s skills and qualifications into the content of how they will be an asset to the company’s mission and commitment to serving its customers
  • Maintain a positive but objective tone
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