Tips For A Successful Music Press Release

Promoting music is not easy when competition is tougher than ever. But when you’re creating something unique that needs to be shared, you have the perfect foundation for a music press release.

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A music press release circulates information about a musician, band, album, performance, etc. through online news listings. The release also serves as a primary source for journalists, bloggers, influencers, and people who follow new developments in music and culture.

Since the music marketing process is generally time-consuming and can get expensive fast, a press release can be a comparatively efficient and cost-effective method to reach future fans.

Depending on how you’d like fans to engage, your music press release can drive ticket sales to a performance like any other special event press release or it can generate buzz on an album debut in a way that’s similar to a product launch announcement.

But, for a press release to make an impact, it needs to highlight the most appealing and interesting details. It also must present them through a credible, journalistic lens.

To follow are some tips on how to write a press release to promote your music and foster engagement among potential fans.

Find The Hook For Your Music Press Release

Just like a hit song depends on a good hook, a music press release also needs a quick, attention-worthy angle. It’s not enough to just let people know that your music exists, you have to create the context that will make them want to engage with it.

Identifying the most compelling aspect of your music news or development will be very important. Here are some possible angles that can work for a music press release:

  • New And Upcoming – Focus on anything about your music that’s new, whether it’s a song, album, performance, etc.
  • A Unique Sound – Highlight what makes your music different from what’s out there and why people who are seeking something unique need to know about it
  • An Inspired Sound – Put your music in the context of similar, popular artists and focus on their influence, which will help people make the connection between what they already like and what you’re sharing
  • A Local Artist – If you are performing locally, are an up-and-coming musician in your community, or your music is inspired by somewhere you’ve lived, use it as an opportunity to connect your sound with a place, which can attract local coverage
  • Make Something Happen – If you can arrange an interview, showcase, or event related to your music use that as a topic for the press release and a foundation for discussing your music

Once you’ve identified what’s newsworthy and notable about your music, you simply need to approach the topic like a journalist. This means that you will explain the who, what, where, why, and when of the development and apply it to the format and tone shown in standard press release templates.

While you’re technically promoting your music, remember to treat your release as an opportunity to inform your readers, not just sell to them. Write your release like a brief article about your music, not a long promo for it.

Tips To Help Your Music Press Release Go Far

Mention Your Genre And More

If you’re at the stage when people are still learning about you as an artist, make sure you include terms that fans are more likely to search for, most importantly, your genre. Don’t forget to name other relevant and easily searchable information, such as the name of a venue where you frequently perform or a popular song that you’ve covered or sampled.

Give Your Future Fans A Way To Engage

Make sure your press release provides some way for people to engage regardless of when they read it. You might be issuing a press release that covers a special appearance or one-time event, but also include something evergreen for people who might discover it later, such as a link to a music video or digital playlist.

Choose The Right Distribution Network

Launch your press release through a distribution network that includes multiple, well-known media outlets. This will boost the chances of your press release appearing under the art, music, and culture sections of local news sites.

Promote After Publishing

Don’t just sit back after the press release is published and expect a ton of engagement. Use the published press release as a marketing asset on your social media posts and other promotional outlets.

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