Using A Music Press Release Template

If you need to share news related to your music and you need some help getting started, a press release template is a very useful tool. Apart from simply guiding you through the steps of how to write a press release, a template shows you how to apply your details to the structure of this type of content.

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There are many different press release templates and guides that can be used by musicians and their representatives. If you’re announcing a debut song or new album, you can use a product launch press release as a foundation. If you’re trying to boost ticket sales or attendance for a live performance, then an upcoming event or guest appearance press release template can also be useful.

But what if you just want to attract attention to your music? Can you do that with a press release? This article will look at possible topics for a music press release and provide a template for discussing your news.

How To Approach A Music Press Release

A press release should always announce a specific development or piece of news. Ideally, there is something about your music that is noteworthy and can be explored in a journalistic way.

Remember a press release must be objective and fact-based, so take care to avoid a promotional tone. Approach your information as though you were writing a brief news article to better inform your current and future fans about your work.

If you need help with the framing of your music as a topic for a press release, consider the following angles:

  • Introduce yourself as a local musician and how your presence in your community is a factor
  • Discuss anything unique about your songwriting process or performance
  • Tell the story behind your decision to start creating music or how its evolved
  • Discuss your inspirations or influences and how they impact your music as a new artist

Once you have identified a suitable angle for your press release, you can apply your details to a press release template.

A Music Press Release Template

The Headline

Create a headline for your press release by identifying a brief and factual hook.

If you’re still an unknown musician, it’s better to lead with something recognizable and attention-grabbing for your ideal reader, such as your genre of music.

Here are a few examples of a music press headline framework, which can be filled in with your details and modified to better fit your topic.

  • [Genre/Type Of Music] Musician Brings A New Sound To [Location/Venue]
  • [Instrument Type/Music Style] Reimagined By A Debut Artist
  • [Inspiration/Influence] A Formative Factor For This New [Genre/Type Of Music] Musician

The Summary

Create a summary of your press release by building on the main idea from your headline. In just one or two sentences, introduce the topic and give some details that will lead readers into the press release.

The First Paragraph

The actual release starts with a strong opening paragraph. In two or three lines, answer the questions of what happened and why is it important.

The Reader Prompt

After the first paragraph, add a stand-alone line that tells the reader what they should do and provide them with a URL to follow through on that prompt.

In a music press release, this might be a prompt to listen to a playlist or download an album, followed by a direct list.

The Body Paragraphs

In the next two or three paragraphs, share the details of your topic.

Depending on your angle, you might go into detail on the instruments you use or what’s notable about your songwriting process.

You can also include a quote, which is the one portion of the press release that can be subjective. It can be a direct statement from you or another person who will lend credibility to your topic.

The Closing Paragraph

Let the reader know what to look forward to or what’s on the horizon.

The final line of the press release should also direct someone with questions or requests for additional information to submit them to a preferred contact method, such as an email address or social media handle.

The Boilerplate

The boilerplate is a two to three-line bio about who you are as the individual or organization issuing the press release. Your website or general contact information should follow.

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