A retirement announcement is a customary statement that an employer issues to formally announce an employee’s retirement.

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This type of announcement can be a straightforward statement that informs the future retiree’s colleagues of the upcoming change. It can also be more personalized and celebratory.

Retirement announcements like this are typically sent via email or may be added to a company website. The contents and tone can vary based on what’s most appropriate for the organization, the retiree, and the circumstances surrounding the retirement.

To follow are basic guidelines that can be used as a template for a retirement announcement, which can be simplified or enhanced as needed.

A Basic Retirement Announcement Template And Example

1. Start with a basic statement to announce the retirement. Including the name of the future retiree, their role, and the date they will be leaving the company.

Example: Innotech would like to announce that our senior administrator, Pat Carson will be retiring this Friday, September 29th, 2023.

2. Include some information about the retiree’s contribution and career.

Example: Pat has been an esteemed colleague, friend, and valued team member at Innotech since 2004. In addition to being a reliable and trusted contributor of our organization, he has been an accomplished administrative professional for over thirty-five years.

3. Close with positive information, such as any plans the retiree has shared about what they’re most looking forward to, encouragement for colleagues to wish the retiree well, or details of any party or gathering to celebrate the retirement.

Example: While we are sad that Pat is leaving our team, we wish him all the best as he enjoys his well-earned retirement. We look forward to sending him off with a special celebration and catered brunch this Friday at 10 a.m. in the first-floor conference room. Please join us as we give him a fond farewell!

Turning A Retirement Announcement Into A Press Release

A retirement announcement can also be an opportunity to share news with people outside of your company. A publicly issued announcement is conventional when the retiree is an executive or major decision-maker at a company.

A retirement announcement press release is an efficient method for notifying your marketplace, journalists, and other people who follow your industry of any notable changes that will occur with the retirement.

Just like a press release that announces a new partnership or a media announcement for a new hire would be used to provide additional context to company news, a retirement announcement press release is an opportunity to share details through an official statement. It’s also a chance to offer a forward-looking perspective as your company undergoes changes.

While retirement press releases are customary for key players in an organization, using the right angle and tone can make them appropriate for almost any type of retirement story.

To write a public retirement announcement as a press release, a good approach is to use a press release template. This resource will help you capture the tone and structure to make the announcement impactful.

When you have a basic understanding of how to write a press release, you can make the upcoming retirement a compelling piece of news that honors the retiree and also reflects positively on your company.

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