Using A Winner’s Announcement Template

A winner’s announcement can take many forms. From a simple banner to a media announcement, there are countless options for notifying contest winners and turning news of an award into a marketing opportunity.

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Since there are so many possibilities for creating and issuing news of winning an award, it can be difficult to know where to start, what information to include, and how to share it. A winner’s announcement template can make this process much easier.

A Basic Winner’s Announcement Template

As there are many different types of winner’s announcements, there are many different templates for creating them. But if you’re seeking one that covers the most basic way of letting someone know they’ve won a contest or award, the example template below can be used for that purpose:

Dear [Winner’s Name],

We are pleased to announce that you have been selected as the winner of [award or contest name].

Please accept our congratulations as well as [prize amount or type].

In addition to this award, you will be [method of recognition or other details that are relevant to the experience of winning].

To claim your prize, please [instructions for the winner to claim their award].

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by [contact method and information].

Again, we would like to extend our congratulations and thanks for your entry.


[Organization representative or company name]

Other Types Of Winner And Award-Won Announcements

The above example is just one method for an award-won announcement that’s intended just for the winner. A public winner’s announcement is also appropriate following a contest, achievement, or competition and for purposes apart from notification.

Giving or winning an award can be a valuable marketing opportunity for organizations and businesses. Since awards are often emblematic of achievement and recognition of certain skills and virtues, there’s value in connecting a brand with these positive attributes.

For example, a media release can be used to explain how a company won an industry award through an exceptional product design or due to customer satisfaction rates. Publicizing these achievements will boost its profile and assert its capabilities.

This is also true for companies that run or sponsor contests in which people can win products and giveaways. If there is a philanthropic element to a company-sponsored award or giveaway, that’s an even better cause to share it as news.

Learning how to write a press release is a simple step to turn an award victory into a chance to generate interest from your target marketplace. Many press release templates can be applied to news of an achievement or award, which can create a far-reaching, positive impression of your company or organization.

Winner’s announcements can also take the form of videos, social media posts, and other content. To make the announcement more compelling, be sure to focus on the information that gives adequate context, including:

  • Any legacy or historic significance of the award
  • How often the award is given out
  • How many people enter to win
  • Who maintains and grants the award
  • Any special criteria that determine the winner
  • What’s included in the experience of winning, such as an award ceremony or trophy
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