What’s In A Winner Announcement Template?

A winner announcement template is a basic framework that can be populated with details to notify someone that they have won a contest, award, sweepstakes, or other competition. This type of announcement template can be used to publicly identify a winner or winners.

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A winner announcement template is useful for organizations that provide awards or run contests on a regular basis, as well as those that need to issue notifications to multiple winners.

A winner announcement can also be issued by the recipient of an award as part of publicizing a meaningful victory or honor. Like an award-won press release that shares the significance of a special honor, a winner announcement is useful for broadcasting positive news and raising the profile of an individual or organization.

The following information will show some ways to build and complete a winner announcement template and your options for announcing a recent win without a template.

Creating A Winner Announcement Template

To create a winner announcement template, the first step is identifying the audience for the announcement. This is important because a winner announcement meant to notify just the winner and one that will be available publicly can vary somewhat.

A winner announcement template that’s for personal communication should be structured like a short, congratulatory email. Here is a basic structure to follow:

  • Greet the winner by name.
  • Lead with a statement congratulating the winner and specify the award, contest, or sweepstakes they have won.
  • Specify what’s included in the experience of winning, such as a prize or ceremony.
  • Tell the winner what, if anything, they will need to do, such as submitting their shipping address for the prize delivery.
  • Include any stipulations or additional information the winner needs to know, such as a notice that their name will be published on your organization’s website or failure to reply by a set date indicates forfeiture.
  • Close with an additional congratulations.

A public winner announcement is similar to the winner notification above. Depending on where it will be shared, it can be limited to a statement congratulating the winners.

Additional details, such as what they’ve won or when the next opportunity to enter will take place, can also be included.

Publicly shared winner announcements on websites and social media should include graphics to be more eye-catching.

A template for this type of winner announcement might look like this:

[Organization Name] congratulates [winner name] as the winner of [award/competition name]! We’re excited to announce that [winner name] will be the recipient of [prize]!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the [award/competition name]. Don’t forget to [entry method] for your chance to be our next winner, starting [entry opportunity/submission date].

Announcing An Award Without A Winner Announcement Template

Apart from using a winner announcement template, there are other ways to announce a winner or receipt of an award, including options that the winner or honoree can use to broadcast their victory.

One example is an award-won press release, which shares a recent victory like a news article. This type of media announcement is useful for providing an official statement on how an individual or organization was recognized through a special honor.

If you already know how to write a press release, you are simply treating the honor as a noteworthy development. One approach is to explain what’s behind the recognition and the true significance of the award.

If you are new to this process and need guidance, a press release template can be helpful.

An award-won announcement does not have to be a press release. It can instead be structured as a post for social media or a blog that celebrates the achievement.

When sharing the news that you or your organization has won an award, consider the following tips to foster a positive impression:

  • Lead with a gracious tone rather than a boastful one.
  • Focus on what was behind the entry, especially if the award-winning effort was collaborative.
  • Provide some background information on the award or the party that grants it, such as its mission or judgment criteria, which will help people understand why the award is meaningful.
  • Explain how this victory is emblematic of attributes that you aim to embody, such as persistence or prioritization of quality.
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