Why You Need A Grand Opening Press Release

People are naturally curious to discover new things. So when a new business opens its doors, it’s a prime opportunity to make a positive impression on local shoppers. This is why a grand opening deserves effective marketing.

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Local and online advertisements, social media posts, and other methods of promotion can help spread the word and attract buyers to a grand opening. But if you want to extend your reach and get your news to appear among local headlines, then a grand opening press release should be included in your marketing efforts.

Writing and issuing a grand opening press release is a fairly easy and low-cost way to reach potential customers. The information to follow will provide you with guidance on how to create and use a press release to promote your grand opening.

How To Write And Issue A Grand Opening Press Release

Learning how to write a press release can go far, not only for a business’ grand opening but also for other significant news that will be meaningful to your customers. For example, a press release can discuss a company reputation, the launch of a new product or service, or introduce a new employee, and in ways that can further brand recognition and favorability.

Since a grand opening is a significant happening that will be of interest to a specific audience, a press release is an excellent way to reach those people and provide information they’ll want to know.

If your grand opening will be an in-person affair, then you can use an event press release framework to alert the local media and also invite your first customers to attend and shop.

Even if your business’ grand opening is for a virtual store or a headquarters where you won’t serve buyers in person, you can still use a press release to tell the story behind your business and the solutions it will provide.

To get started, here are basic steps on how to write a grand opening press release.

1. Outline the facts by focusing on the key journalistic questions related to your grand opening. To do this, think about your targeted audience and what you would tell them when they ask:

  • What is happening?
  • When is it going to happen?
  • Where is it happening?
  • Who is involved and who will be most interested in this development?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can people engage and learn more?

2. When you have these questions answered, you can take the details and apply them to a press release template structure.

Generally, press releases consist of an opening paragraph, a reader prompt that tells your audience how they can engage, several body paragraphs that include a quote, and a conclusion.

As you put together these components, make sure to consider the following best practices:

  • Write the press release in the objective, third-person point of view, and in an unbiased, journalistic tone
  • Keep the press release focused and informative but brief—ideally between 300 and 500 words spread over four to six paragraphs
  • Think of your ideal audience and the details they’re going to find the most interesting, then lead that information and save the less compelling details for later in the press release
  • Include a quoted statement from someone who can emphasize the importance of the news and name the speaker.

3. After you have the body of the press release written, it will also need a headline, summary, and boilerplate, which are explained below:

  • The headline should be concise and factual but compelling
  • The summary is two or three statements that give the reader a preview of the full story in the press release
  • The boilerplate is a brief bio that explains who is issuing the release and provides a means to learn more, such as a website URL or email

Publishing Your Grand Opening Press Release

Once your press release is completed, you’ll need to make it accessible to the people you most want to engage. Press release distribution networks can position your press release so that it appears among articles on popular news sites and in search engine results for local news and related topics.

You can also package your press release with a media advisory or press kit and submit it to local news organizations. This can be especially impactful if the grand opening will be an in-person event that members of the press can attend and cover.

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