How To Write A Fashion Press Release

A well-written fashion press release that announces new clothing collections and product lines helps maintain brand awareness. These releases also provide an excellent way to introduce new brands to consumers.

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Most press releases are between 300 to 500 words in length. Press releases should contain relevant information and interesting supporting details that hold the reader’s attention.

When crafting your release, focus on the five W’s – who, what, where, why and when. Journalists, fashion editors, blog masters and others expect to find this information when reading through fashion press releases.

Press releases typically maintain a professional tone. But for a fashion press release, a casual tone featuring language used within the fashion industry is appropriate. Write the press release for the people most likely to read it and talk to them like you would with a friend.

If announcing a new product line or clothing collection, focus on the line or collection as a whole. While you can mention specific pieces within a collection or a few individual products, the goal of the release is to create brand awareness. Get readers excited about the collection or product line by explaining what they can expect when shopping for these items in a store or online.

In addition to providing essential information, you will also need to determine the best time to submit the release for distribution.

Depending on the outlets (magazines, newspapers, blogs, corporate website, etc.) you’re planning to submit your release to, you may need to send it a few months, weeks or days before a product or clothing line launch.

Fashion press releases help brands remain relevant in the fashion industry. Whether the brand is new or has been around for a while, showcasing new products and clothing collections helps generate excitement. Press releases can also help refresh well-known or established brands by introducing these brands to younger readers.

What Should A Fashion Press Release Say?

A fashion press release should include the brand name or clothing label, collection name, date of availability, stores or online outlets where readers can find these items. Include price points so readers know how much certain items cost.

If writing a press release for an established or well-known brand, it’s okay to mention the names of successful collections or products from the past. However, the focus should remain on current clothing collections or product lines.

When mentioning the brand, it’s okay to include interesting facts about the brand – how long it has existed, how it has evolved and plans for the future. You can also mention how the current collection or product line came to be.

Readers are usually very interested in the creative process, especially for clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories. Feel free to elaborate on what inspired designers to create the collection or product line. If possible, add a few quotes from fashion designers, the CEO and others involved.

Use bold, descriptive language when presenting information about clothing and accessories. Try to paint a picture for the reader of how products and clothing look and feel. Discuss fabrics and other materials used to create these items.

Fashion press releases typically feature images of clothing and other items in addition to written descriptions. Add images, pencil sketches and other visuals to grab the reader’s attention.

Creating A Fashion Press Release

To create an effective fashion press release that catches the eye of journalists, fashion editors and others, you need to follow the traditional format: headline, summary, introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs, boilerplate or About Us section.

Write an attention-grabbing headline for your press release. Use bold language, but avoid hyperbole or untrue statements. Include the brand name, collection or product line name and its release date.

Create a two or three-sentence summary that tells readers what to expect when they read through the release. The summary goes underneath the headline.

Summaries include all the essential information readers need to know (who, what, where, why and when). Readers may only read the summary so make sure that the summary provides all the key points discussed in the release.

The introduction paragraph reinstates all relevant information along with a few enticing details that prompt readers to keep reading. Use the introduction and body paragraphs to highlight supporting details about product lines and clothing collections.

Most press releases have three or four body paragraphs that expand on the five W’s. Here you can provide clothing and product descriptions, mention information about the fashion company or brand, discuss the brand’s history, etc.

To hold the reader’s interest, add quotes, statistics, celebrity endorsements and other fun facts throughout the press release. Make the announcement easy and fun to read so people will want to read through the entire release.

Wrap up the release with a conclusion paragraph that includes a call to action that prompts readers to visit a specific store or website, join a mailing list, place a pre-order, etc.

The boilerplate or About Us section provides background information about the company or brand. You can mention when the company was founded, past and current ownership, how the company or brand continues to evolve and other important information you think readers should know.

Always proofread press releases before submitting them for distribution. Make sure the information you include is up-to-date and accurate as journalists consider press releases primary sources of information.

Because journalists and other readers have limited time to read through press releases, submitting a well-written release that provides all the essential information in the summary and introduction paragraphs helps attract and maintain the reader’s attention.

Why Write A Fashion Press Release?

  • Promote new product lines and clothing collections
  • Showcase a brand’s talent and creativity
  • Let readers know where and when they can purchase items and clothing

Tips For Writing A Fashion Press Release

  • Maintain a causal tone throughout that’s like talking with a friend
  • Use descriptive language when discussing clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories
  • Include all essential information about product lines and clothing collections at the beginning of the release


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