When You Need A Press Release Example For Event Promotion

Planning any type of event is hard work. There are numerous decisions and a lot of efforts that need to come together to make it a success.

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But to be a success, an event also needs attendees and publicity. Fortunately, press releases can be one of the most effective methods for getting the word out.

Whether you need to promote a charity benefit, professional conference, concert, or just about any other type of event, a solid example press release will help in determining what information needs to be included and how to generate excitement among potential attendees.

What To Include An Event Press Release

There are a lot of press release templates that can be used as foundations for event promotions. Since press releases are meant to be circulated through news outlets, they follow a fairly consistent structure.

The press release itself consists of the following parts:

  • The Opening – The opening paragraph that leads with the most important information, which will include the name of the event, what it is, when it is, and where it will take place.
  • The Reader Prompt – A simple statement that tells the reader what they can do to find out more and take action, such as buying tickets or completing a sign-up form.
  • The Main Body – Two or three paragraphs that provide more detailed information and provide context for why the event is important, who’s involved, and what makes it worth attending.
  • The Conclusion – A brief paragraph to leave readers with a sense of excitement and also provide contact information for anyone who might want to follow up with additional questions, including reporters and bloggers who may want to cover your event.

Outside of these elements, a press release will also need the following:

  • A Headline – A brief and compelling announcement that grabs the reader’s attention in as few words as possible.
  • A Summary – One or two lines that summarize the main topic of the release and entice the reader to read more details.
  • A Boilerplate – A short bio of the company or individual issuing the press release.

Improving The Impact Of A Press Release For An Event

Learning the basic structure is just the beginning of knowing how to write a press release. Just as important is understanding what information should be included when sharing the news of an upcoming event.

Think of a press release for an event as an invitation with a slightly different structure along with some additional information to boost interest, but in an objective, journalistic tone. Make sure it includes everything someone would need to know in order to attend but also why this event is worth attending.

Consider what will take place at the event, why it’s being held, and what attendees will experience and come away with. Make sure to emphasize these meaningful points to show that your news is interesting.

Press release structure makes it easy for people to get the most essential information and then drive them to take action. In the example of an event press release, the most desirable action usually means buying tickets, signing up to attend, or passing the info along to someone who will be most interested, so provide the shortest and clearest means for the reader to take the desired action.

Even if you’re promoting an event, make sure the press release is objective and journalistic. You’ll want to focus on the positive, but make sure to present only factual details in an unbiased manner.

You don’t need to be hosting an event to publicize its significance. If you or your company has attended an event that can be used as a marketing opportunity, this can merit a press release, as in the case of a program participation media announcement or an appearance at a recent trade show.

When your press release is ready for distribution, make sure you choose a publication date that leaves potential attendees enough time to make arrangements to participate, but also that the date is not too far in advance for the event to be forgotten.

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