5 Reasons To Write A Press Release That You Might Have Overlooked


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A press release can function like a brief news article that comes directly from a primary source. They’re great for issuing official accounts, statements, or notice of a meaningful development, which can boost a brand’s credibility and recognition.

But what if you can’t think of a good reason to issue a press release? Maybe you want to use a press release to boost your business’ profile but you don’t have anything newsworthy to share.

Are you better off trying to make some news? But what if your company doesn’t currently have the time and resources to make a change that will grab the attention of its targeted market?

It’s true that press releases should only be used when merited. If your topic doesn’t seem interesting or current enough to support a press release, it can backfire.

Flimsy press releases can hurt a company’s credibility. They may also fail to meet the publishing standards of online press cables or be subject to limited distribution.

But before giving up or putting your press release efforts on hold, you may want to consider a different approach. There are many good reasons to reach out to your marketplace even if your company isn’t launching a new product, hosting a big event, or accepting an industry award.

To follow are five press release topics that you might not have considered. These press release ideas can also work for all types of businesses when they don’t have big news to share but they want to make an impact among online news headlines and boost brand recognition.

Reason #1: To Tell The Story Behind A Product Or Service

A press release that shares the origin story of a product or service informs the market of how a solution came to be developed and offered. This type of release examines the initial intent and ambitions behind a product or service that eventually became a success.

This type of press release is especially appropriate for the anniversary of a product launch or a recent sales milestone, but this isn’t a requirement. Telling your readers the story behind a product or service they’re likely to buy can make them more informed on a solution that’s relevant to their needs.

When you write a product or service origin story press release, you may want to focus on how the solution has evolved from its starting concept to the end result that customers buy today. Another angle is to explain the motivations behind your company’s decision to offer this product or service and the problems it aims to solve for its buyers.

Reason #2: To Compare Your Capabilities With A Competitors

There must be a reason why your customers choose your company over your closest competitors. When you write a competitor comparison press release, you can take an objective look at the capabilities and other unique aspects of your business that keep your buyers choosing your company over other providers.

When you create this type of press release, you must be careful how you approach the facts about your company and any competitors you name. Even though this press release is coming directly from your company, it will be more trustworthy and impactful if you enter the mindset of a journalist.

Make sure any information you share is factual, but even more important than that, make sure you focus on the experience of your customers. If they previously bought from your competitors but have switched to your company, this press release is a chance to explain why.

Reason #3: To Compare Your Products With Alternatives

Just as you would compare your company with a competitor in a press release, you can also write a press release that compares your product with competing options.

By evaluating one of your products or services, and then reporting how it performs compared to alternatives, you’re presenting buyers with information they’ll use to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Through this type of press release, you’ll provide an unbiased evaluation of how your product meets the requirements of a customer and why it does so better than an alternative. You might examine key features, manufacturing methods, and other attributes that impact the end-user.

Reason #4: To Share Interesting Facts About Your Solutions

If your company offers a solution that includes a lot of features, options, or potential uses, or if there are a lot of misconceptions associated with it, you can issue a press release that shares interesting facts about your product or service. In the process, you’ll create a resource for potential customers.

An interesting-facts press release can be used to introduce new information that will help end-users better understand what they can do with their purchase.

Since this information is coming directly from your company, it carries a higher level of authority that customers trust. It also shows that your company is invested in the experience of its customers.

Reason #5: To Discuss Your Reputation

Whether your company enjoys consistently favorable reviews or is looking for a way to address and recover from a less-than-positive customer response, you can use a press release to discuss your company’s reputation.

A company reputation press release lets your company emphasize its core mission and how that’s being realized through the response of its customers. It can also be a chance to explain how it’s addressing shortcomings and will make specific efforts to improve.

As you write this type of press release, you can address how your company is perceived by its customers from an objective point of view. As you call attention to the response of your marketplace, you may be able to attract new customers by spotlighting what has worked.

This same approach can be used to salvage lost favorability by showing how your company is learning and growing through the feedback of its customers.

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