How To Write A Press Release For A Fundraiser

A press release announcing an upcoming fundraising event is a great way to attract media and public attention. In addition to providing the location, date and time of the event, you can also use the release to discuss the importance of the charitable cause and various ways people can participate and help.

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Press releases for fundraising events should include one or two short paragraphs about the organization(s) sponsoring the event and specific information about the cause, as readers may or may not be familiar with the organization(s) or the charitable cause itself.

The goal of the release is to encourage as many people as possible to attend the event, volunteer or donate.

All press releases follow the same format: headline, summary, body, conclusion and boilerplate (About Us section). Press releases vary in length, with most between 300 to 500 words.

When writing a press release, pay attention to the five W’s: who, what, where, why and when. The five W’s provide all the relevant information about your upcoming fundraising event.

Keep sentences and paragraphs short to maintain the reader’s attention. Provide the most relevant information at the beginning of the release.

Add quotes from event hosts, corporate sponsors, the charitable organization, those receiving help from the organization, volunteers and others. These people can provide positive insights and inspirational thoughts to encourage readers to care about the cause.

When writing about a charitable cause, provide facts supported by statistics and scientific or historical information. This information helps convey the seriousness and urgency of the cause.

Avoid using hyperbole, sentimental language or inappropriate humor when writing a fundraising press release. The goal is to bring awareness to a specific cause, and then compel people to take action by attending the event or donating to the charitable organization in other ways.

What Should A Press Release For A Fundraiser Say?

Remember to always add the most relevant information at the beginning of a press release.

Start by announcing the fundraising event. Briefly describe the type of event (fun run, silent auction, dance contest, dinner, brunch, field day, etc.) your business or non-profit organization is hosting. Add the location, date, time and duration of the event.

If your company is hosting or sponsoring the event for a non-profit or charitable organization, you should discuss why your company has chosen to do so. Mention long-term partnerships and affiliations or provide a specific reason for sponsoring the event.

Include the cost to participate in the event and explain how the funds raised will be used. Discuss the charity or cause in detail so readers understand why they should participate in the event.

If your company has sponsored this event before, or your non-profit organization has organized these events more than once, you should mention it. Some readers may have participated in the past or may know others who have.

Using press releases to remind readers of annual or recurring events can evoke fond memories of good times spent with friends, neighbors and family. These memories may compel readers to participate again or make a donation if they can’t attend.

When writing a fundraising press release, you need to paint a clear picture of what the non-profit organization or charity does and their impact on the community. You also need to include information about the charitable cause.

Mention all the reasons why attending the event is essential to help raise money for the cause.

Include alternative ways readers can donate to the charitable organization if they can’t attend the event. Provide online donation options or a street address where readers can mail or drop off monetary donations.

If you need volunteers for the event, provide contact details or a website that readers can visit to learn more about these opportunities and to sign up.

Creating A Press Release For A Fundraiser

Before writing your press release, gather all the information about the event. You should also gather quotes from those directly involved, along with statistics, historical facts and scientific information about the cause.

The more practical information you can share about a specific cause with readers, the more compelled they will be to take action.

A little preparation beforehand ensures that you include all the information readers need to know about the event and the cause. Gathering the information beforehand also makes writing the release easier and more enjoyable.

Create a catchy headline that clearly states the nature of the release to grab the reader’s attention. Include the event name and event type in the headline.

Provide a two or three-sentence summary that includes the event name, event host, date, time and location. If your company is hosting the event for a non-profit organization, mention to whom the proceeds from the event will be given.

Craft the press release body by writing three or four short paragraphs that provide additional details about the event, the charitable cause, additional ways to donate, appeals for volunteers, etc. Add statistics, quotes and other useful information throughout the body of the release.

Wrap up by providing a one or two-sentence conclusion that includes a call to action. Provide a website URL where people can sign up to participate or volunteer. Include information about how and where to send donations.

Create a boilerplate or About Us section that provides background information about the company sponsoring the event or non-profit organization fighting for a specific cause. If your company has partnered with a non-profit, include one or two sentences about both in this section.

Why Write A Fundraiser Press Release?

  • Increase awareness about a specific charitable organization or cause
  • Encourage the media and the public to attend the event
  • Provide donation information so people can donate online, by phone or by mail

Tips For Writing A Fundraiser Press Release

  • Include all relevant information about the event in the summary and first paragraph
  • Use statistics, scientific information and quotes to inform readers about the charitable cause
  • Provide a direct call to action that compels readers to attend the event, volunteer or donate
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