How To Write A Short Press Release

Any interesting news that comes up presents an opportunity to write a press release. The fact that you may not need many words to cover the topic effectively is not a problem. Press releases in general should not exceed 500 words, and you can distribute one of barely 300 words without worry. Editors, journalists, and other influencers are looking for noteworthy content much more than a long read.

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To succeed with a short press release, you need a topic that interests your target audience. Media professionals scan press releases and are quick to dismiss them unless something about the content makes a connection.

Why Write A Short Press Release?

  • Promote brand visibility
  • Build momentum with media outlets
  • Respond to event or controversy

Public relations and marketing professionals use the phrase “building a brand” because the process is ongoing. You need to keep your company or organization visible and guide how others perceive it on a regular basis.

Short press releases support this strategy. Lengthy commentary about a new strategic partnership or new hire is not necessary. A short piece of news communicated effectively has more potential than a long-winded announcement that bores journalists.

Media momentum comes from short press releases because they let you drip feed your messages into the media ecosystem. Sending a short press release now can be better than waiting until your company has more to say. A steady flow of short-but-interesting press releases could arouse curiosity among media influencers because you keep popping up in their feeds.

When something blows up in the news related to your industry, or your company specifically, a short press release lets you respond quickly. You could use it to steer the conversation in a way that benefits your organization. Insights from people at your company may also be in demand when reporters are looking for experts to comment on news related to your niche.

Creating A Short Press Release

Every press release must speak directly to your target audience. For most businesses, the target audience is customers. This may be a specific demographic, like parents or a whole business sector. At times, companies craft press releases to an audience of investors. Such a press release might boast of new contracts or growing revenue because.

Whatever the topic, your first step is to answer who, what, when, where, and how?

However, this basic information may be quite dry, and the challenge lies in choosing a topic that grabs the interest of your audience.

What Should A Short Press Release Say?

A press release needs a story beyond just dumping off some facts about the business. Businesses can get bogged down in talking about product details or features, but people-oriented stories excite readers the most.

People like reading about people. You can work in product features, but the central focus of the content should be relatable or intriguing to human beings.

For a short press release, pick two or three main points to mention that support the overall topic. Start the press release with your strongest point, and do not try to pack in too much information.

Press releases can also serve recruitment goals as well. A short press could be appropriate if you have a short-term project that requires a contract worker. What you need to know about how to write a short press release for a gig is that the content should highlight how the gig can fit into a worker’s flexible lifestyle.

Tips For Writing A Great Short Press Release

  • Write a headline in active tense that gives readers a reason to care.
  • Write content that delivers on the promise of the headline.
  • Include a strong quote from a company executive, investor, or customer.

To make your headline and content match, write the headline last. Try to pull out the most powerful aspect of your topic and summarize it with an exciting headline.

How to write a short quote for a press release involves some strategy as well. You don’t want your source to repeat general information. You want the quote to shine with personality and offer human insight about why customers appreciate the company.

Some methods for making a quote impactful include using impressive numerical figures or
expressing a strong opinion about the direction of the industry.

Mistakes To Avoid In Short Press Releases

Press releases fall flat when their content is oriented toward the business instead of the audience. Imagine what would be of value to your typical customer instead of lapsing into writing a description of the company for the boss.

A tone that sounds too much like marketing hype kills your credibility. Your content needs to read like news and not a sale pitch.

You miss opportunities if you fail to research keywords related to your business. Press releases are online, and they can match with internet keyword searches and thereby get more attention.

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Press Releases

What topics are good for a short press release?

Any “newsworthy” topic works for a short press release. To understand newsworthiness, study what appears in the news. This is a broad category that ranges from hard news, like an insider trading scandal, to soft news, like a feel-good story about awarding a scholarship.

Appropriate topics could be:

Who is the audience for my short press release?

First and foremost, your press release is aimed at journalists. They may mention your company in an article, call someone at your company for a quote, or write a whole article just about you. Give them a story that looks like something that appears in their publications.

Secondly, your content should be relevant to the customers that you hope to inform about your business. This interconnects with appealing to journalists. Send your press releases to people who work at publications with audiences that include people who could become your customers.

What are major achievements I can mention in a short press release?

  • Winning an industry award
  • Acquiring thousands of new customers
  • Filing a patent
  • Getting a patent approved
  • Opening new locations
  • Hiring top talent
  • Forming a new strategic partnership
  • Adding new website features/services
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